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Having A Schedule On My Blog & YouTube Channel

One of my New Year resolutions was to create more of a schedule on both my YouTube channel and my blog. Last year my blog got a bit chaotic. I was posting several times a day and then would miss a few days. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it felt a bit messy to me. So far this …

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Pirongs Unique Lifestyle Planner Review

I used to a pretty unorganised person with my blog. I would spend so long trying to figure out what I had outstanding or even what the postman had brought me that week. Things got a bit crazy last year and I felt completely stressed out by it all and very overwhelmed. I needed a system and so I bought …

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Your Digital Footprints

To P1, P2 and P3, I’ve just got back from BritMums Live 2015 and although the sessions I attended were great there’s one specific one that has left a bit of an imprint in my thoughts. It was about Your Child’s Digital Footprint. Whilst sitting in there I actually thought I was disagreeing with the speakers and some of the …

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