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Is There A Right Way To Clean? Tips & Tricks From The Experts

Cleanliness is vital where children are concerned. When a new arrival appears on the scene it’s vitally important that the home is as sterile and clean as it can be for a few months, while the baby’s lungs strengthen. In a year your little one will crawl and then toddle, putting everything and anything in their mouths including juicy looking …

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Our New Cleaning Routine & Win Some Dettol Products

This month has seen some big changes in our house. I have actually managed to keep on top of the housework. It also coincided with the school holidays so it hasn’t been an easy task to keep on top of things and it did fall to pieces one week (the week P1 was away with her Grandparents) but we swiftly …

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Bathing Three with Paddy’s Bathroom

Bath time is always a bit of a struggle in this house. Even before I didn’t have enough hands for each child of mine. As a baby, P1 hated having her hair wash and P2 screams blue murder every single bath time we have. P3 has been the odd one ou, enjoying the warm water and the splashing right from …

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