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#BLOGMAS Day 22 – Our Fake Christmas Day

Growing up I always spent Christmas Day at my Mum’s house. My grandparents piled round and it was always a really chilled festive day. I’d play with my presents, we’d fill our tummies with food and just enjoy each other’s company. I have many photos of my Nan and Grandad sleeping on Christmas Day. Since we moved to Kent four …

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#BLOGMAS Day 7 – My Favourite Grotto Experiences

We are a week in to the whole blogmas thing. I hope you are enjoying the posts I’ve created so far and will keep coming back this Christmas season. So I’m sure a lot of you have already booked to see Santa, we’ve already seen him three times already this year but I wanted to share my very favourite grotto …

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“Life is really slow at the moment”

Life has been really slow since Christmas. Blogging has become more difficult since getting my new camera. I used to post spontaneously and whenever something came to my mind but I really want to add decent photos so I have to draft a post during the day, and add the pictures at the end of the day. Confusing!!! P1 is …

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