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Siblings April 2015

This month has seen a significant change in my set of sisters. Their youngest sister is now sitting, still slightly wobbly, but she’s sitting and that’s what counts. It has meant that P3 is now slightly more interesting to P2 who hasn’t really taken true notice of her until now, suddenly she wants to play with her baby sister rather than …

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Our Sunshine Afternoon in the Easter Holidays

This morning, like most of our recent mornings, I opened the blinds to clear blue sky and sunshine. Last year we had a pretty hot summer but I was unable to enjoy it properly because I was heavily pregnant and sweating like a pig. Now P3 is here I’m certain to enjoy it. Getting out in the sun doesn’t have …

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Siblings January 2015

In 2014 I had intentions to join in with as many photo projects that I could. There’s quite a few in the blogging world. I wanted it to help me document our life which was the reason for my blog. It didn’t quite work out as I planned and soon enough we found out we were expecting again. I then …

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