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Forest School For Toddlers

Meterologically Spring has started. I can’t tell you just how happy I am to see the back of winter. I’ve been a proper recluse in terms of our outdoor adventures. I’ve avoided the park, we’ve not really been to any National Trust places and I’ve definitely preferred the comfort of my home and my joggers. But with Spring, comes the …

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“Playgroup was absolutely heaving with new people today”

It’s been an odd day that seemed to start really early even though it actually didn’t. Hubby was up two hours before he usually is, the time I normally get up with P3, to pick his Auntie up from the airport with my MiL. I was left to watch four kiddies, get them dressed and give breakfast. Everybody was safely …

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I had a perfectly perfect day today. I had a leisurely “get up” this morning. No rushing about and no arguments. Still haven’t managed a bath time without P2 crying though. I dropped P1 with my Grandparents like usual for a Tuesday and headed off to visit my work with P2. On maternity leave yet can’t keep away. I then …

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