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“it’s not like I’d go and ask for a boob job or anything”

I think the last time I spoke about my breastfeeding journey was with this post and I just wanted to update everyone that may be interested. For nearly about three weeks I’ve been feeding boobie to P2 after her dinner all the way until her breakfast. She’s been having formula during the day. It’s been going quite well really, she’ll …

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The Next Phase

After a lot of crying, extremely large and painful boobs I have managed to persuade P2 into having night and morning feeds. Since posting about my struggles I’ve had so many people giving advice. I tried to get her to feed two days ago, which went fine for our morning feed but not so fantastic for the rest of the …

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Cracked And Sore

Three days of breastfeeding my nipples became very cracked and sore. Every time P2 latched I’d wince in pain and suffer the whole feed just wondering how long I could cope with this before I was forced to give up. On day four, we visited my MiL and she suggested a nipple cream and that although expensive, Lansinoh was a great product. …

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