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5 Benefits Of Sensory Play

Think about your favourite memories. How many of these have a particular colour, smell or sound associated with them? The smell of a crackling barbecue in the summer or the roar of the crowd when your favourite football team scores a last-minute winner, are two examples. Our brains trigger flashbacks to those happy times as soon as our nostrils or …

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Fitbit Flex Review

When I started my weight loss journey I was a bit of a virgin to anything health related and I certainly wasn’t bothered by how many steps I took each day. Gradually I’ve watched my weight slowly come down and I’ve been feeling far more energised recently. I’ve been wearing a Fitbit Flex for nearly two months now and I …

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“Goodbye paid employment. Hello slavery!”

In this day and age, finding and keeping a paid job is difficult. There’s many unemployed, benefit claiming people in the world. So why have I just handed in my resignation to a job I’ve been so lucky to obtain and keep for the past four years?? Yup! I’m unemployed. Officially. Today, my boss accepted my resignation. I remember many …

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