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Special Needs Diary #9 – Homework

Dear Diary, I have huge concerns about P1s education. She doesn’t seem wired academically like I was. I always enjoyed school I think apart from the bullying and being picked on for being small. I did relatively well at learning when I wasn’t talking to my friends. But P1 is falling behind. Key Stage 2 is naturally harder than what …

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Special Needs Diary #5 – Going To The Supermarket

Dear Diary, It’s very rare that P1 comes to a supermarket because we tend to do our food shopping during the week when she is at school. Now that it’s the school holidays I am seeing a new wall that P1 has to knock down or hide behind. I watched a short little clip on Facebook about disabilities not always …

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Special Needs Diary #4 – A Play Date

Dear Diary, I’ve noticed that P1 doesn’t really get invited on many play dates and I wonder if that’s because she has started to struggle with forming friendships as she gets older. When she does get invited I worry about her behaviour. Whether she’s going to cope. Will the autistic side of her show through and the parent won’t understand …

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Special Needs Diary #1 – A Trip To The Park

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Dear Diary, I have grown to know that our eldest needs previous planning for whatever she does. Whether that be something very small like her next meal, or something big like a trip out. We are in the very first few days of the summer holidays and I’ve mentally prepared myself for mayhem in the first week or so as …

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Letter To My Princess 1 – 7 Years 6 Months

To my Princess 1, You are now seven and a half!! It’s crazy to think that in just half a years time you will be eight and I would have been a mummy for that long. A lot has changed I think in the past six months. I feel like we are finally starting to understand who you really are …

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