Sock Ons Review

I’ve lost count of the amount of socks I’ve lost during P1s life. So many times I’ve looked at her to find one foot absolutely freezing and the other nice and snug, that missing sock never to be found again. There’s definitely a sock monster lurking.

One day when out shopping my mum found a new little invention called Sock Ons. At first we laughed about them, designed to fit over socks and keep them on. We just thought they’d do exactly the same as a sock – fall off!! So we bought them expecting to lose them in another shop etc and for them to be another Christmas Cracker item – pointless.

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We were so wrong, they do exactly what they were designed to do – keep socks in place. I’ve put P2s feet inside blankets, carried her around shops, she’s had them on during playmat time and still both socks and Sock Ons are in place.

I’ve washed the Sock Ons, and they have kept their colour and quality. They are made out of stretchy material and therefore have a 6month size range.

They are seriously the most amazing item of clothing accessory I have ever bought. They range in price depending on where you shop, Amazon have a great price (roughly £3) and a huge selection of colours.

2CB11BAA-11AF-48E5-BE77-F154D4D83E5A-580-00000026E337BC47_zps5d5d5a81It’s great to see that they have lots of different colours so you can co-ordinate with each outfit. I recommended these Sock Ons to a friend of mine who was also terribly frustrated with having to buy new socks, or keep her baby in an all-in-one sleep suit due to cold tootsies.

A definite must-have baby item for any parent to put on their shopping lists!

(This product was sent free of charge by Sock Ons  for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of my own)

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  1. Sock On’s are amazing! My ds2 lived in them shame they didn’t exist when ds1 was a baby.

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