I seem to be sleeping well – for a pregnant person – the past couple of nights.

I went from one night waking every hour, the next night waking every 15 minutes, to the next night sleeping a solid 4 hours, and then last night I managed to sleep for about 5/6 hours straight.

Do I feel fantastic and energised for the extra sleep? No! I still feel as exhausted in all honesty but I feel happier about coping with a full day.

It’s 8am and P1 has only just woke up. We had a busy day yesterday for her legs at one of my yummy mummy’s daughters party. There was a bouncy castle and lots of running about involved.

Today; she’s off to nursery with my Grandad for 9:30 and I plan to paint my salt dough creations when she’s gone as practice for when P1 paints later today.

Just a quick reminder to any new comers to my blog. I have a Youtube channel – which I have to admit I’m running late on posting a new vlog. I also have a Facebook page. I’d love for everyone to check them out as well if you have time. I also have a separate blog for my nails as you can probably tell in my photos that I change my nail colour quite often.

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