Radical Reward Charts Review

P1 received a new reward chart from Radical Reward Charts. It arrived at a wonderful time, when I was at my complete wits end with her behaviour.

I allowed her to choose which design she’d like – she chose Wacky Wildlife. We asked Radical Reward Charts to have P1s picture made into a mover. This was to help children be more connected with earning her rewards.
20130816-115834 AM.jpgWhen it arrived I was a little disappointed that it didn’t come with anything to fix it to the wall (blu-tack or double sides sticky pads) however I was very pleased with the design of the chart. It was very colourful and eye catching.

P1 loves it. We followed some of the hints, we attached a packet of sweets to the top as a reminder of what she was working towards, we moved up a number for good behaviour and stayed put for bad behaviour.
20130816-121417 PM.jpg

20130816-121423 PM.jpgI was really shocked at the way it helped P1 focus on being good and doing good things. Like helping around the house, cooking and helping with her sister. I have really noticed a significant change in her.

There are 6 designs to choose from and are all £14 each. You can purchase from Amazon or via the Radical Reward Chart website.

(We were sent a reward chart free of charge from Radical Reward Charts. All opinions are of my own)

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