“it was little Prince George’s christening today”

My Christening….20131023-103332 pm.jpgSo it was little Prince George’s christening today. Of course a huge event for the Royals and anyone who follows them. I’m not particularly a follower I’m afraid, of the Royals, I am a follower/believer in God as you all know.

Anyway, it got me thinking. My Grandad had made our wedding cake with P2s baptism/christening in mind. The original plan was to have it done quite soon after our wedding. With our recent move to a new county I highly doubt any church will just let us have our baby christened, we’ll endure questions and probably get asked to go on an alpha course. Not something my non-religious hubby will do. And I have attended my old church in Essex for about a year!!

Prince George now has seven God-Parents. I’m not sure I see the point. I have three; two women and one man – traditional. I don’t see one of them, oh hang on I briefly saw her whilst on my frequent hospital stays during P2s pregnancy, the other woman is my auntie who I rarely see due to a family feud which is slowly being resolved and the other is my Nan’s sisters husband, who I actually do see. But none of them are really doing the role of “God-parent”, to guide the child/person towards a life with Christ.

P1 has been baptised. She was baptised in March 2010. It was beautiful. But again, she doesn’t see her god-father and one of her god-mothers, however she does have a pretty brilliant god-mother than she sees quite regularly. But she’s not religious, she guides P1 in other aspects of her life, that’s one of the many reasons I chose her to take on this role. She does it well.

I was confirmed two years ago now. I think. I don’t feel any different. Probably because I’ve really lost my faith since my Nan has died. Many people grow closer to God through grief but unfortunately that hasn’t been me yet. I still pray, I pray every night and I pray with P1.

I’m sure Prince George will get a lot of guidance and support through his many God-Parents it’s pretty much without a doubt. But will that be guidance through Christianity or has “christenings/baptisms” really lost their true meaning in society now?!

I went all out for P1s baptism. I hired a hall, bouncy castle, soft play and food. We invited close friends and family to the actual ceremony and then invited everyone else to the hall as a celebration for all religions, or no religions. What did you do for your/your child(rens) baptism/christening

P1s Christening…20131023-102645 pm.jpg

20131023-102652 pm.jpg
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  1. I was christened in Italy, in the church my parents married in and that me and my OH married in 6 years ago. My girls were christened in our local parish church and both days were lovely celebrations with family and friends xx

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