“For us and for P1 walking any further than a shopping trip around Tesco is a huge achievement!”

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I have a huge amount of proudness for P1 right now. For day, weeks and months I’ve doubted her. As you all know, if you are a regular reader anyway, P1 has hypermobility. For those that don’t know, it’s basically where the ligaments are very flexible which causes her to fall a lot.

Anyway, she surprised us all yesterday. Normally, P1 balances on the pram for the journey home from school and I get home exhausted with sore arms from trying to stop the pram from tipping up. Yesterday, I tried something new and I asked her to walk. I only expected her to walk a little while but she seemed quite happy so I didn’t offer the pram ride.

P1 walked the whole 1.6 miles with zero complaining. I just had to into Tesco to reward her with a magazine. Then this morning she walked to school as well. It sounds so silly when I say it out loud, but for us and for P1 walking any further than a shopping trip around Tesco is a huge achievement!

It gives us hope for a better and easier future for P1. We’ve seen what she can really do when she sets her mind to something.
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