Her First Day At Preschool

I have read so many posts in the past week about parents feeling emotional about their children starting school. I’ve never been able to relate to that feeling, I’ve never really felt that emotional attachment to my children, the sentimental need to keep drawings. In fact I thought I had something wrong with me until today. I had little sleep …

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P3 Had Her Introductory Session At Nursery/Preschool

I have been waiting for this day for such a long time. I was awake so early, getting organised, putting my makeup on and my clothes. Typically P2 and P3 didn’t wake until quarter to eight, like really?! Why didn’t they do this in the holidays?! Somehow we still managed to be a little rushed out of the door. So …

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Letter To My Princess 2 – 3 Years

To my Princess 2, When you woke up this morning you were able to spend your last two hours as a 2 year old with your family opening presents. Three years ago at 9:15am you entered this world. A chunky little bundle with no hair. You are now 3 years old with plenty of hair and plenty of personality. In …

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