Being In The Tots100 Top 100

I joined the Tots100 back in June 2013, I’d been blogging for just 6 months and it had become apparent that many other bloggers were raving about the rankings. Visit here to find out all about Tots100 and how the ranks are formed. There are over 8,000 UK parentings blogs in their community and it’s a fantastic platform to receive great opportunities from brands and PRs.

When I joined I was initially ranked at 1053 which wasn’t a bad place to be. I sort of became obsessed from then, not about increasing my blog to better other people but to better myself. It was sort of a pat on the back for that month and made me feel like somewhere out there my blog was making a difference to other peoples lives.

In the past two years my blog has crept closer and closer to the top 100. I think any blogger would definitely be lying if they said they hadn’t dreamed to be in the top 100. It was my goal. I wasn’t exactly doing anything differently though to get myself there, just kept writing and commenting. Every time I dropped below my previous months scores I was devastated.

When June’s rankings came out I was literally in shock. I’d gone from 168 in May to 82! I was finally there. I was a Top 100 UK Parent blogger. The sense of achievement was immense. All the long hours, the constant thinking and general stress of running Life With Pink Princesses professionally and not just as a hobby had finally paid off.

I’ve had three rankings of being in the Top 100, June’s 82 and July’s 45. This month I am ranked at 17! I am incredibly thankful and proud of it. I haven’t quite felt the changes or differences now that I am in the Top 100 yet. I do wonder what it actually means, if anything at all, to actually be a top 100 UK parenting blog. Do I get extra chocolate at events?

I am so proud of my blog. I say it all the time on here and in “real” life. I have so many ideas on where I want to head with it and I’m hoping that by being in the top 100 I can reach my goals. They mainly include travel, events and plenty of adventures. I also want to progress and learn more about photography although that’s only half related to blogging.

I want to inspire others. My main focus of course is about documenting our journey through parenthood and life as it adapts, but I also want to be an inspiration to other young mums. I hope that by being a top 100 blogger that more young mums will see my blog and join me on my journey.

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  1. Well done lovely! Very well deserved!! Just seen your score for this month 🙂 x

  2. Congrats, I only found your blog recently and I’ve already subscribed. You should be proud!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you have subscribed and take the time to comment. You really have no idea how much it means to me.

  3. Well done! You totally deserve it! xxx

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