Barbie Rock ‘n Royals Review

Barbie has been around my whole entire life and they have certainly come a long way since then too. P1 has a huge collection of various Barbie’s who are mostly naked with scraggly hair now. The technology side of things has also improved and P1 especially loves watching all the fantastic movies that come out. The latest one is the Barbie Rock ‘n Royals and we were sent a Rock ‘n Royals Doll to compliment the movie.

barbie rock n royal

Barbie plays Courtney, a princess, and her world collides when there’s a mix up with a rock star and they are both sent to the wrong camps. Both girls embrace their differences! As always they have not failed us with this movie and it’s a super cute storyline perfect for a girly night in.

play rock n royal

The Courtney doll helps to bring both worlds and the story into P1s life and imagination. The doll comes with a microphone, tiara and shoes. Her dress changes with a lift of her arm and she sings. Transforming from princess to rock star. I have to admit that my favourite part is certainly the fact that the dress cannot be removed as I seem to spend my life redressing Barbies! There are two songs that the Barbie sings which are activated by pulling her arm up or down and also her necklace has a button to press.

All the girls love this doll. Probably because it sings but also as there are more modes of play with the two different transformations. The Barbie costs around £20 which I think is such a fantastic price for a Barbie as they also seem to be getting expensive lately.


Value for Money

A really lovely Barbie that transforms from Princess to Rock Star in an instance. Excellent price too.

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  1. To Princess Courtney,

    During Meditation, when my morning went fabolous, I had a dream about being in a lovely lavender meadow. We loved dancing to “What If I Shine (Courtney’s Version.)” This scene before the credits features your dance contest. We always promise each other much. We do.

    “When you rock your own story, live in your own stories of your dreams come true.”

    – Princess Courtney

  2. Barbie (A Fashion Fairytale)

    To Princess Courtney,

    If I want to go on a Year 10 residential with my friends, I need to keep on showing my calm behaviour for that. Anyway, my day is going great and we can have Barbie to each other. So, all it takes for me, Barbie, and you is one big dream. So, the three of us will always find ourselves in any song. And when we’re all together, it’s always meant to be. We’ll promise.

    “When you’re in the band, live in your own story.”

    – Princess Courtney

  3. Barbie Roberts (A Fashion Fairytale)

    To Princess Courtney,

    Today, I went to Poundland in Nuneaton Town Centre and I bought for respite a beautiful softening bath cream. It will fill my bath with soft and light bubbles. I had an outstanding morning today. I belong to Barbie, my runway model of Paris, my favourite city of France. So, we took Barbie to Camp Royalty, your favourite summer camp. She said “This camp is awesome. It’s your favourite camp the best of all. Thanks, Courtney.” You said “No problems at all, Barbie.” That night, we put the sing-off and Erika’s dance contest together so Erika can compete. When she posed with her left hand in the air, everyone, Barbie, and us enjoyed the contest. We decided to make both camps win and we can merge them next summer. We are happy about that. You and Erika agree to be roommates when you and Erika return to the camps next year. Courtney, we and Barbie will promise each other. We’ll always promise.

  4. Barbie (A Fashion Fairytale

    To Princess Courtney,

    In this second rocking musical, you were supposed to go to Camp Royalty, my favourite summer camp. However, your spot at Camp Royalty was taken on board the boat with Erika’s spot at Camp Pop, my sister’s favourite summer camp. At the sing-off, the two judges couldn’t decide which camp won, but the third one voted for Camp Pop. Lady Anne and Finn made both camps win. We will always promise each other. So, Courtney, rock out your own story.

    “Rock your own story.”

    – Princess Courtney

  5. Barbie (A Fashion Fairytale)

    To Princess Courtney,

    My morning went fantastic and brilliant today. When I get home after school today, my sister and I can use your and Erika’s music instruments. Your microphone is my favourite instrument and Erika’s guitar is my sister’s favourite instrument. Erika said to me that anything is possible when I rock my own story. Last year, we played with each other when I was thirteen. Now that I’m fourteen, Bonfire Night is coming tomorrow night. I’m going with you, my sister, my mum, and Erika to The Waterfront, a shortcut road, to watch the fireworks bang in the night sky. Courtney, you shouldn’t worry. Anything is possible when you rock your own story. We will.

    “Rock your own story.”

    – Erika Juno

  6. Barbie (A Fashion Fairytale

    To Princess Courtney,

    When I was upset yesterday, Erika forgave me and said that anything is possible when I rock my own story. That’s nice, Erika. So, Courtney, I can use your microphone to sing just like you do for yourself. And my sister can use Erika’s guitar so she can rock out just like Erika does for herself. Princess, we’ll always promise each other. We always will. Let’s show our faces and raise our voices, Princess. Anything is possible when you rock your own story. We will.

    “Rock your own story.”

    – Erika Juno

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