40 Acts – Day 11 – Buy Fairtrade

Today will mark the beginning of Fairtrade Fortnight where organisations and charities aim to raise the profile of Fairtrade. Why not ensure that you buy one more Fairtrade item in your next shopping basket? Or perhaps you could hold a Fairtrade Big Brew (including coffee of course!) to promote Fairtrade Companies

I’m not the one that does our shopping. If I had it my way I would do it all online but my OH loves to walk around the supermarket checking all the labels and all the prices and just generally takes an age to complete one basket let alone a whole trolley!

I do, however, make the shopping list. I wonder if he’d notice if I popped a Fairtrade item on the list for next time.

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  1. Hi Jodie, please visit my blog to see what I’m doing for Fairtrade! Any support would be fabulous! 🙂 x

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