19/31: My Favourite Foods

Food glorious food. Anyone that’s known me for a long time will be quite pleasantly surprised when I announce that there’s very few foods I won’t eat. It used to be the opposite, I’ve always been very picky with foods but after meeting my hubby I’ve learnt to love food. Every time I visited my MiL right at the beginning of our relationship, I always felt very embarrassed because it was always so awkward for her to feed me. She was always very accommodating but I felt a need to change so began to try new things. Meeting my hubby has certainly improved me!!

These are my top 10 foods (in no particular order):

1) Chicken.
I love a roast dinner, so roasted chicken with the crispy skin is so scrumptious. Or a chicken leg, or chicken breast or southern fried popcorn chicken from KFC…

2) Yorkshire Pudding.
Aunt Bessie you are my hero! I will quite happily eat Yorkies on their own or accompanied with sausages or with a roast.

3) Potato.
I love jacket potatoes, mash, fried, roast, chips but I can’t stand new potatoes. The little ones that have the skin on… Yuck!

4) Cadburys Chocolate.
I don’t think there’s anything better than Cadburys chocolate. It also helps that I find the factory quite wonderful too.

5) NikNaks.
My Nan used to laugh that I enjoyed NikNaks but not any other spicy food. I don’t get to have them very often and it’s only the “nice ‘n spicy” flavour that I like.

6) Pepperoni Pizza.
I hated pizza. Period. Then I met my hubby and everything changed. I quite like Pizza Hut’s bacon-topped pizza but we don’t have one that delivers over here so I make do with pepperoni pizza. May I add, I’m not too keen on eating pepperoni other than when on a pizza.

7) Pie.
Chicken with vegetables or steak pie. Served with mash and veg! This list is making me hungry.

8) Lamb.
Roasted lamb or in a steak. It’s a luxury meat I think.

9) Fudge.
We only seem to buy fudge when on holiday which is a shame because it’s so unusually lovely. I do quite like a little Cadburys fudge bar too but there’s just not enough fudge in it!

10) Chicken Nuggets.
A little guilty pleasure from the days that chicken nuggets were all I ate and my Nan used to say I’d turn into one if I wasn’t careful.

What’s your absolute favourite food of all time?

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  1. OO I would try everything. My Great Grandmother used to make the BEST Yorkshire pudding.. I should give that a try one day

  2. I love chicken too. You can keep the steaks for me.

  3. Reading this gives me hope for my daughter! Glad you found your good love again 🙂 love Yorkshire puddings so good!x

  4. Melanie C (@MelTimeBlog)

    When I was in Newquay (about 5 years ago) we bought some homemade Malteser fudge from a shop and it was the nicest fudge ever! I’ve never found it anywhere else since 🙁

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