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What can you not bare to leave behind when holidaying in the UK?


Planning a holiday can be extremely stressful, add children to it and you can end up wondering if going on holiday is really worth all the stress! I couldn’t think of anything worse than going abroad with three young children and my hubby would need a lot of persuading. However, traveling within the UK doesn’t need so much persuasion and ... Read More »

Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Sensory Stages Bouncer Review

featured bouncer

I feel extremely lucky to have such a close relationship with Fisher-Price. My girls have benefited so much thanks to them, before and after the opportunities I’ve had with them. Our most recent addition has been testing out the 2-in-1 Sensory Stages Bouncer. The Bouncer was really simple to put together. It features a two-sided toy bar, 3 activity toys ... Read More »

“Googling Jaundice tests didn’t help with my nerves”


On Thursday we arrived up the hospital for P3s jaundice blood test. I felt really nervous about the whole trip because I wasn’t exactly sure what would be happening. Of course, Googling Jaundice tests didn’t help with my nerves. We were a little early so had a cheeky McDonalds breakfast. Our appointment was at 10:30 but typically we didn’t get ... Read More »

“We picked up our double stroller”


I now have two daughters under the age of two. There’s actually 19 months 3 weeks and 2 days between P2 and P3. We debated for a long time whether we’d need a double pushchair. I’d researched many brands and had one that I desperately wanted, the Mountain Buggy Duet. I wanted a side-by-side double. I’d borrowed a tandem style ... Read More »

I Play Bingo Whilst My Baby Is Off To Sleep


I Play Bingo, whilst my Baby is off to Sleep – Written for Life With Pink Princesses by Sachitha – This is a guest post. At times indulging in the perfect pastime gets so daunting. Especially when you are married and busy with your kids, you rarely get time to spend some time for yourself. When you find also, the ... Read More »

“I was always rubbish at doing homework on time”


When I look back on my school years, I was quite academic. I actually enjoyed school and the topics I found interesting I did well in like Art. But I was always rubbish at doing homework on time. I’d get so many lunch time detentions or after school ones because of homework related issues. I generally suffer with organisation so ... Read More »

Nonabox September Review


I’d never heard of a Nonabox until recently. The parent blogger world has certainly been hit by them. So what is it? Every month the lovely people over at Nonabox HQ put together a box full of quality products that have been specially selected for you that reflect you as a parent right from pregnancy all the way through to ... Read More »

Pregnancy Diaries – 40 Weeks My Due Date


I’m 40 weeks pregnant today I’m sitting with my 10 day old baby girl on my due date. My tummy is still a bit of a wobbly mess but it’s getting there considering I’m not exercising yet. It’s really hard to believe that we have a baby now. These past ten days have gone so quickly and although there’s parts ... Read More »

“I’ve never truly had a sleepless night”


I’ve been a Mum for nearly six years. I’ve spent a lot of those years complaining of sleepless nights, especially and more particularly the past 20 months. However, after last night, I realised that I’ve never truly had a sleepless night and it really should have just been me moaning about broken sleep. Last night, I got a total of ... Read More »

To My Princess 2 – 1 Year 8 Months


To my Princess 2, This month you’ve become a big sister. No longer the baby of the family. The middle child. You’ve actually taken the whole thing pretty amazingly. It’s been a strange week. One moment you were my tiny, cuddly and light toddler, then I had your baby sister and you became this grown up, heavy and robust little ... Read More »

“We have really formed a strong parenting team”


P3 is now a week and one day old. It’s gone so fast yet so slowly too. Each day seems to roll into one as I see nearly every hour during the night. I feel like hubby and I have really formed a strong parenting team, I suppose we have to as we are outnumbered now. I think generally we ... Read More »

My Birthing Partner


I was very nervous about hubby being my only birthing partner with P2. I was convinced I’d need my mum there like I did with P1 because her biological father was pretty useless but hubby proved himself. He stepped up and was amazing. This time round I felt confident that hubby was all I needed and I wasn’t wrong. If ... Read More »

Organic September with Waitrose


It’s Organic September (Well it was at the time of starting this challenge, a certain little princess decided to make an appearance) and we were challenged by Waitrose to go swap one of our meals each day whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner for a duration of seven days. I’m not an organic buyer. The basic definition of organic food, ... Read More »

“My boobies are the size of my baby’s head!”


My boobies are the size of my baby’s head! Bigger in fact and whilst inside a bra are quite attractive. Oh but there’s nothing glamorous about my boobies. They’re full to the brim, they’re firm, they’re leaking and they’re so painful that if anyone or anything touches them they’re likely to lose a limb. Yup, my milk has well and ... Read More »

Sibling Adjustments


When I was pregnant we had many conversations about having a new baby with both P1 and P2. Obviously P2 had no idea what we were talking about apart from the fact we kept pointing to my belly and saying there was a baby in there. We never had any worries about P1 adjusting, she had a struggle when P2 ... Read More »

“I’d forgotten how painful after-birth pains were”


I’d forgotten how painful after-birth pains were. I’ve been topped up on painkillers since the moment P3 was born. Every midwife or nurse that I spoke to at the hospital had said something along the lines of “oh yes especially with your third” when I told them how I was feeling. Great!!! The pains feel like extremely bad period pains, ... Read More »