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“We survived the hottest day of the year!”

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Yesterday, 1st July 2015, marked the hottest July day in the UK so far. Temperatures soared to 36.7C in many parts of the UK. I checked my weather app regularly and the highest we saw in Kent was 34C. A crazy, dangerous temperature but I’m pleased to announce that we survived the hottest day of the year. As I’ve said ...

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Doona Review – The Older Baby

featured doona

Lately, as I’ve been watching my chubby munchkin grow and thrive I have been wondering how we are going to cope without our Doona. I’m sure that she has plenty of time left in the Doona seeing as it’s weight limit is 13kg and P2 has only just hit that herself but the Doona has become a staple part of ...

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What We Are Reading

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Reading is so important to me through blogging and through my writing but it’s also something I want my children to enjoy and so far they all love books. P1 has started to read her own stories or at least give them a good go. P2 has finally started to sit still for a full story and P3 loves to ...

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Bathing Three with Paddy’s Bathroom

featured paddys bathroom

Bath time is always a bit of a struggle in this house. Even before I didn’t have enough hands for each child of mine. As a baby, P1 hated having her hair wash and P2 screams blue murder every single bath time we have. P3 has been the odd one ou, enjoying the warm water and the splashing right from ...

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Letter To My Princess 3 – 9 Months

9 monthsfeatured

To my Princess 3, You have now officially been outside longer than you were tucked up inside my tummy. You are 9 months old. It’s crazy to think that in just a few months time we’ll be celebrating your first birthday. We’ll probably end up having a joint birthday/wedding anniversary/birthday celebration seeing as you arrived the morning after my own ...

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My Sunday Photo – 28/06/2015

28 june 2015

I don’t really have any words this week to accompany My Sunday Photo. We’ve had a week of mixed emotions between all three of the girls. Happiness, worry and of course love. I took this photo of P2 yesterday whilst she was watching her sisters play with the cornflour gloop we’d made. I just love it. Like this:Like Loading...

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Kids Fun At Home with I MUNE NURTURE


We’ve been experiencing some pretty awful behaviour with P1 lately. I’ve been doing a lot of research about it because I desperately want to help her to control and understand her emotions as well as understand them myself. This weekend I’ve especially been changing the things we do. Normally we like to use the weekend to recooperate after a busy ...

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My Detox With Slimming Solutions Teatox Review

featured teatox

I am still nowhere near my weight goal or my body image goal despite what people think and receiving the compliments is fantastic but it doesn’t stop how I see myself in the mirror and in photos. I don’t want to accept my body the way it is and I do honestly feel like that but I struggle with motivation ...

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” P2 has been on a waiting list to attend a preschool”


For the past 6 months P2 has been on a waiting list to attend a preschool. This wasn’t a decision that came lightly for us. The whole point of me being a stay at home mum and quitting my job nearly two years ago was so that I could be P2s primary carer. Considering I started my working life when ...

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Shmuncki Liberty Art Fabric Babygrow & Jacket Review


This time last week I was packing for BritMums Live and heading to London. P3 was kindly sent the Liberty Art Fabric Baby Girl Jacket and the Liberty Art Fabric Baby girl babygrow romper to wear whilst at BritMums Live. This made trying to find an outfit for her so much easier. She ended up being sent three lovely outfits ...

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Queen Of Hearts Cookie Company Review

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I am really trying my best to cut my meal portions and stop snacking as much as I used to in a bid to lose the extra weight I’m carrying but also to be healthier inside. When the Queen Of Hearts Cookie Company contacted me to review some biscuits for them I was actually really excited. It was just before ...

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The Breadless Lunch Challenge with Bernard Matthews

featured bernard matthews

Our latest Bernard Matthews family panel challenge was to create a breadless lunch. It had to be imaginative but you couldn’t use bread, pittas or wraps. So we racked our brains and I came up with a cute little idea for this challenge, a jacket potato man! I know that lunch times are notoriously known for being something cold, but ...

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Letter To My Princess 1 – 6 Years 6 Months


To my Princess 1, I’ve been really disappointed with your behaviour lately. To the point we’ve been to see the doctors because I know this just isn’t normal behaviour for a 6 year old. We have a few next steps and I hope that you are just in a very awful stage at the moment. You’ve been so doting on ...

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Bernard Matthews Bootiful Ideas Prizes


I have been part of the Bernard Matthews Family Panel for a while now, just before Christmas last year, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. They’ve come up with some great ideas and fun to have with turkey. As of today Bernard Matthews have launched the Bootiful Ideas Prizes. Their whole website is looking super modern ...

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“There’s now no need to wrap our toddler in bubble wrap”


When P3 was born P2 went from a tiny toddler snuggled in my arms to this huge giant of a child. Since turning two she’s changed so much that it’s really scaring me. She’s no longer a baby in any sense and has become such a grown up and independent little sausage. The things she says are just immensely amusing. ...

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Fitbit Flex Review

featured fitbit

When I started my weight loss journey I was a bit of a virgin to anything health related and I certainly wasn’t bothered by how many steps I took each day. Gradually I’ve watched my weight slowly come down and I’ve been feeling far more energised recently. I’ve been wearing a Fitbit Flex for nearly two months now and I ...

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Birthday Gift Inspiration For Frozen Lovers

featured party

Since its release two years ago Frozen has continued to grow in popularity, with Anna and Elsa capturing the hearts of both kids and grown-ups alike. With its icy tale of devoted sisters and catchy hit songs, it fast became one of the most popular films of all time. With plans recently announced for a Frozen 2, these Disney gifts ...

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My Experience of BritMums Live 2015

britmums live 2015 featured

If you are in the blogging community, attended BritMums Live or like (god forbid) Best Buggy UK on Facebook then you will already know what I’m about to talk about. For those lucky ones who are blissfully unaware, on returning home from BritMums Live 2015 on Saturday it was made aware to me that I, along with a few other ...

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5 Things That Make Britain Great

featured make britain great

What’s in a name? That’s a common question with people wondering just why certain things were given their names. Some are obvious, like coat hangers, but others are a bit more vague, like a tissue for instance. We give our children names based on the kind of names we like or sentimental value, like the names of our parents or ...

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Citadines Holborn-Covent Garden Review

featured citadines

We are certainly not strangers to staying in hotels and this year already has seen us spend a few nights in a hotel. Hubby, P3 and I stayed at the Citadines Holborn-Covent Garden Apart Hotel in London on Friday night for BritMums Live which was held at The Brewery not far from the Citadines Holborn-Covent Garden Apart Hotel. We were ...

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My Sunday Photo – 21/06/2015

21 6 2015

So we are back from BritMums Live. I felt very inspired and welcomed by loads of lovely bloggers. More people recognised me this year which was lovely and I especially enjoyed speaking to those I follow religiously myself. I tried to arrange a little baby photo gathering which a few turned up to which was great. Kerry from Oh So ...

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Your Digital Footprints


To P1, P2 and P3, I’ve just got back from BritMums Live 2015 and although the sessions I attended were great there’s one specific one that has left a bit of an imprint in my thoughts. It was about Your Child’s Digital Footprint. Whilst sitting in there I actually thought I was disagreeing with the speakers and some of the ...

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