Chocolate & Chia Seeds Overnight Oats Recipe


I don’t own a full length mirror. I’m not tall enough to see into our bathroom one and so I put up with a hand held one for my makeup in a poorly lit hall way. That’s how I dress myself each morning, relying on a quick glimpse in a shop window to double check I actually look half decent …

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Coming To Terms With Possible Autism Spectrum Disorder


A couple of weeks ago I took my A4 sheet of paper full of the concerns I have for P1, along with P1 and Hubby to a paediatric appointment. This was our referral appointment following the visit to the GP and it happened much sooner than we expected. It was such an important appointment and I felt so sick with …

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I’m Going To #BML16


It’s that time of the year where bloggers get all excited about the UKs biggest blogging and social media conference, BritMums Live or this year it’s known as #BML16. This year will be my third year attending although this will be the first where I have no baby in my belly or in my arms so I’m hoping that means I’ll …

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Embracing The Busy Life

2016-05-17 10.34.37-1

We have had so many opportunities for photos this week but I’ve picked this selection because I really think they sum up the week we’ve just had. This week has been so fun and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so content with life like I do right now. Ok, there’s been the low moments of arguing between my girls …

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Top Tips for Older Learner Drivers

2016-04-15 18.41.14

Whilst many people learn to drive and pass their driving test as soon as they possibly can, others simply can’t afford the luxury. Whether you had driving lessons as a teen or young adult, failed your driving test years ago and never bothered trying again, or have simply never got round to learning to drive, trying to pass your driving …

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How to Find Cheap Deals at Restaurants


Whether you’re visiting London, Manchester, Glasgow or Cardiff, the UK is home to a thriving food scene that incorporates cuisines from all around the world. Even if you’re operating on a budget you can usually find some great deals and discounts to be had at one of the nation’s many dining establishments. With that said, here are four methods I …

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5 Clever Ways To Supplement Your Income

featured money

I recently came across a fascinating article which underlined just how members of our generation have been squeezed, and how a combination of factors such as debt, unemployment and rising house prices have contributed to a steady decline in income over the last three decades. It rather confirms what we already knew – these aren’t easy times to carve out …

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Weather Craft Fun #BostikBloggers


This months theme is definitely appropriate. The weather is finally feeling warmer and brighter which generally makes things feel happier for me. Of course we are in England and the weather is never really certain. We were sent another box of fun craft supplies from Bostik and this month I came up with an idea. I originally wanted a weather …

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Siblings 2016 – May

featured siblings

Being one piece to a three part gang must be quite tricky at times. Fighting for attention from your parents, from other people, from each other. I say this every month but my girls really do love each other’s company. In fact they do flourish best together and of course they can be fierce as a three too! The hotter …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – #20/52

featured sunday 20

My days are consumed lately by my eldest daughter. I’ve been filling out forms for her referral for autism and generally her behaviour has been atrocious lately. It’s like she’s a stroppy teenager times one hundred already and it’s tiring. She wakes up moody and spends the day looking glum or angry, then goes to bed in a hyper state …

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Our New Bedtime Routine


I had drafted up the title of this post with intentions to write about our new bedtime routine. It was back a few weeks ago when I felt we’d finally hit a stage where I was winning the parenting role. We’d had nearly a month of an established routine that worked for us. Then something pooped on my parade before …

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Finally Getting Some Bluebell Photos


I must have chewed my Hubby’s ear off a thousand times recently about wanting to get some bluebell photos of the girls. The plan, in my head, was to line the girls up in the pretty purple blue flowers and snap away. I wanted to use them for our Siblings photos this month. But the weeks have gone past and …

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A Princess For Every Personality With H&A


I have three daughters and each one is completely different with their personalities. My eldest is very particular with things, my middle is definitely the more outgoing and my youngest is quite shy. One thing that brings them together is definitely their girliness. They all take great interest in my makeup and what they want to wear each day. When …

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A Taster Of Summer


Last year I wrote about how I hate Autumn and how autumn hates me too. I’m tiny and I struggle to find clothes I’m comfortable in that do not drown my petite figure. However, Spring and Summer are my months. These are the months I flourish in. Over the weekend we experienced a taster of summer here in Kent and most …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – #19/52


Each month we have one night and two nearly full days when there’s just P3 to look after as the other two go to my parents in Essex. Occasionally we arrange for P3 to spend a few hours with her Nannie but more often than not we have two days to focus on P3. Things always feel so incredibly strange on …

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Raisin & Walnut Chocolate Bark – Leftover Easter Eggs


I have had several boxes of Easter eggs sitting in our kitchen staring at me. Screaming to be eaten. For some reason, they just haven’t which I know sounds completely ludicrous. But it’s go to the point that I am crying to have my work surfaces back so instead of the usual chocolate nests, I decided to try my hand at …

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A Dramatic Day


This morning started off pretty normal. It’s a Thursday so the plan was to get ready for playgroup. P2 and P3 at home for the day and P1 heading off to school with hubby. That’s our Thursday routine. But for some reason despite the sun shining beautifully, this Thursday didn’t want to be our usual Thursday day. I got ready …

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Ickle Bubba Aurora Stroller Review


For 19 months we have used a double pushchair. At the beginning we had two under two that needed naps or a rest when we were out. Our double could convert back to a single which was really handy but we recently got a new side by side double. Each month P1 and P2 go for a sleepover with their …

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Educational Psychologist Meeting For P1


EIf you are a long term reader of my blog then you will know all the ups and downs we’ve had with P1. For those who are new, my 7 year old daughter was born prematurely and with that has come many difficulties. She’s hyper mobile in her joints, has mild deplegia and is dyspraxic. I also have concerns that …

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5 Greek Beaches You Need To Visit


Ah, Greece. The land of sunshine, moussaka and where people gather to smash plates, but also the place to go if you’re looking for postcard perfect beaches to snooze on in the afternoon sunshine. Here are five you definitely need to visit on your next holiday to the country: Elafonissi Beach, Elafonissi With crystal clear water, pink tinted sand and …

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BABY Born My Little Super Soft & Comfort Seat Review


It’s #NationalBabyDay today. As the name suggests, it’s a day to celebrate our beautiful offspring and the new generation being born each and every second. To celebrate we were sent a BABY Born My Little Super Soft & Comfort Seat which I kept a secret to open on our little holiday but managed to accidentally cut my finger on the cardboard packaging …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – #18/52


We haven’t done a massive food shop in such a long time. We seem to have got into the habit of just going to our local supermarket for meals for that day or the next few days. Which was working fine but with our recent holiday the food cupboards had got quite bare. The kids were demanding food constantly and …

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A #MomsDayOffContest With Crocs


I spend every second of my day doing something child related. I also nearly always have our youngest attached to my leg, hip or holding my hand because she’s a definite Mummy’s girl at the moment. To find time for myself I used to go to a fitness class but motivation for that has disappeared and so it’s become a …

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Our Cornwall Holiday – Waterloo Farm Holidays


We recently embarked on our longest car journey with the children as we headed across to Cornwall for a family mini break. The girls really enjoyed their farm holiday back in October last year so I picked something similar this time and so we headed to Waterloo Farm Holidays. The journey really did feel like the longest time. The girls …

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Carlyon Bay Beach Visit


It’s been a long time since I went to the beach. It used to be quite easy to get to our local one back in Essex and there was plenty to do like arcades and even a little theme park. It was a relatively nice place to visit but I never actually did very often. I’ve seen so many beautiful …

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