Potty Training For The Last Time With Huggies & Munchkin


We talk about cherishing every developmental first all the time as parents. That first smile, when they sat unaided for the first time, tasted their first bit of food and the day they took their first steps. But for me I think the biggest part and probably the most scary is definitely the potty training phase.  As a first time …

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10 Things I Learnt At #BML16

what i learnt

If you follow me on social media you will know that I spent my weekend in London specifically to attend the UKs biggest blogging and social media conference. This was my third year of attending the conference and I’ve come to realise it doesn’t matter how what sessions I attend, I always come away inspired. I am writing a full post …

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Orchard Toys Little Bus Lotto Review


I have been a pretty big fan of Orchard Toys for the duration of my parenting years and probably even before that seeing as the company is over 40 years old! When I got an email to become an Orchard Toys Blogger I was pretty excited. For our first product to review we were sent the Little Bus Lotto which is part of …

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Letter To My Princess 1 – 7 Years 6 Months


To my Princess 1, You are now seven and a half!! It’s crazy to think that in just half a years time you will be eight and I would have been a mummy for that long. A lot has changed I think in the past six months. I feel like we are finally starting to understand who you really are …

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New Series 2 Num Noms & Unboxing Video


I tend to steer clear of the latest craze for my girls. I’m a horrible mum you see and just let them watch videos of the latest craze on YouTube. But when I was asked to create my own unboxing video for the new Series 2 Num Noms, I unashamedly got quite excited. P1 has been begging for these weird …

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A Nursery Trip To Hastings

2016-06-16 12.20.31

In the last few weeks I’ve been faced with a dilemma. Ultimately it felt like I was picking my favourite child because both P1 and P2 had school/nursery trips on the exact same day.  Originally my heart was set to go with P1 because in all the seven years of parenting I’ve had, I have never been on a school …

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#BratzFest With The New Bratz Festival Vibes Collection


It is festival season and to celebrate we were sent one of the new Bratz Festival Vibes Collection doll to get us in the mood. To be honest I have never been to a festival but have always loved the look of them. It’s great that they actually do special kids festivals now too which I think is amazing. P1 was …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – #25/52


I’ve only just realised I missed last weeks photo which is really bad. We were in Bluestone having a really lovely break. We had hired a golf buggy on the Sunday so spent most of our day on that exploring the grounds and having loads of fun family time. This Sunday we have spent the entire day in London. We …

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Jungle Craft #BostikBloggers


Normally when my Bostik box arrives I plan an activity for the kids to create so that it’s more adult led and they can focus a bit better. But this time I handed over the reigns to my seven year old. Getting crafty keeps her calm when she’s having a bit of a bad behaviour day. I think it helps …

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A Dinosaur Adventure At The Dinosaur Park Tenby

featured dinosaur park

It was an early checkout at Bluestone last week and although you can stay on site until 3pm to enjoy all the facilities, we decided to make a move and Hubby researched some local things to do with the kids. The Dinosaur Park Tenby was just a 20 minute drive away and happened to be on our way home. My girls are …

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Insjo Saimaa Sweet Peach bagINbag Review


I am slowly venturing into the world of having my own handbag. For seven years I have sported the changing bag look, and despite there being many very fashionable versions out there, I’ve never owned one. But the girls are getting bigger and needing much less when we head out of the house so it’s about time I start to …

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A Weekend At Bluestone Wales

featured bluestone wales

We’ve had an incredibly stressful few weeks with car troubles. Having to rent a car for two weeks and the garage messing us around big time. I was extremely welcome of an email from Bluestone Wales inviting me along to a last minute weekend break. Although we had no car, this was an offer I couldn’t refuse and we really …

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Caring For The First Tooth With Nelsons® Teetha®


By the time your child is around 2 and a half they should have all their milk teeth but there is no set date for this to happen. Unfortunately they don’t all just pop out in one go and there isn’t even a rough period of when they’ll get their very first tooth. Teething can be stressful right from the …

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Siblings 2016 – June


For the first time ever I haven’t had to rush the girls together and wrestle them into a position in a last minute panic. My photos were taken well before they needed to be and I am actually so pleased with them, apart from the blue bubblegum ice lolly lips that P1 and P2 have. The weather has been warmer …

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Sleep & Reducing Milk


I gave this post a title and saved it to my drafts a few weeks ago and it has been left blank since. I’ve been a little scared to even think about physically writing the words down just in case I jinx things because quite frankly, it’s been known to happen with my blog. The topic I want to discuss …

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My Relationship With Food


Growing up I don’t think food was really my friend. I’d turn my nose up at anything remotely odd looking or smelling without even actually tasting it. I wouldn’t dare to touch a pepperoni pizza or a Chinese, let alone Curry or even fruit. I was always the reason we chose certain restaurants or had certain things for dinner and …

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Parragon Book Buddies – Disney Book Week


From the 23rd May to 12th June it has been Disney Book Week and to help us celebrate we received two out of the twenty new Disney Movie Collection storybook series. A series designed to help kids find the magic into reading by bringing their favourite Disney movies to life. We received the Jungle Book and Frozen, both very loved movies in our house …

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What’s Happening To Our Kids?


Lately I’ve come to notice a few things about the place I live in versus other towns. As a general, because obviously there’s always one, whenever we visit places near or around Sevenoaks, the children are so incredibly polite that it actually takes me by surprise sometimes. Little children asking if they can just pass across the zip wire before …

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ASDA Little Angels First Pants Review


I have a thing for nappies. I’d like to think I’ve settled a bit after 7 years of parenting, but that thing is still there. It’s a little OCD like actually and can be quite embarrassing. I tell myself I’m like it because I want to make sure my girls are most comfortable but I’m not entirely true that’s the …

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Open Farm Sunday 2016

featured farm

I’ve started to get a bit stuck for ideas when it comes to the weekends when we just have P3. I feel like we’ve exhausted the park and soft play is always packed at weekends. She’s not quite old enough for big trips to the local castles either. I posted on social media that we were struggling for an idea …

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A Day Out At The Rare Breeds Centre Ashford


With the girls away at the weekend with their grandparents, Friday was our last day of the half term so we decided to head to the Rare Breeds Centre in Ashford. The centre is owned and run by a charity called Canterbury Oast Trust. This charity supports adults with learning disabilities. At the Rare Breeds Centre they offer adults with learning …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – #23/52


We have been super busy this half term that part of me was really excited about this weekend. P1 and P2 are back in Essex and usually having just the one is a nice break for us. This weekend P3 has been a little grumpy, she was good during the food shop yesterday but the being cooped up the rest …

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New Sky Kids App – A Visit To Sky Studios At The O2


I still remember being around 7 or 8 years old and being completely dazzled by the Millennium Dome. My mum had arranged for us to visit at some point during the year when the Millennium Experience was there. I’ve only been there once more since and that was a rushed visit so when I was invited to return, I just …

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