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The Things I’m Looking Forward to Post-Pregnancy


With just three official weeks left until my due date. I’ve guiltily started dreaming about the moment I go into labour and give birth to our beautiful baby girl. I have been feeling rather negative about pregnancy, it’s been a tough “last ever pregnancy” and I’ve struggled to see the good side of it all. I’ve not enjoyed being pregnant ... Read More »

Pregnancy Diaries – 37 Weeks #3


I’m classed as term officially. There’s still three more weeks until my due date but knowing that I’m actually term makes me feel a little more relaxed. I’m in agony today. I’m not sleeping thanks to P2, who seems to think from 1-4am is the time to be completely unsettled and I’m up every 15-30minutes resettling her. It’s exhausting. Plus ... Read More »

“I’m feeling so much more calmer about space now”


When we first moved into our home we naturally took the bigger room as we were sharing with P2 in her cot and P1 had the smaller room, but after a suggestion by a sleep therapist that came over to assist with P2s stirring, we moved into the smaller room and the girls began their journey of sharing. It didn’t ... Read More »

Bravado Confetti Nursing Bra & Seamless Pants Review


In a few weeks or less I’ll be handing over my beautiful boobies to our newest member of the household, P3, for her feeding needs and her comforting needs. I’m actually feeling a little nervous about it despite the fact I enjoyed it so much with P2. I think I’m worried of not being able to with P3. For something, anything, to ... Read More »

The Lego Movie DVD Review


P1 was really excited when we told her that we’d soon be reviewing The Lego Movie courtesy of a website that tracks prices to help you find the best deal going. The Lego Movie is a 3D animated film. The basic storyline is that an ordinary guy named Emmet is mistaken as being the Master Builder. With the help ... Read More »

Start A Habit That Lasts a Lifetime with Huggies Little Swimmers


P1 has hypermobility and despite our lack of trying and attending parent and toddler lessons, then lessons in a group, she hasn’t really progressed in her swimming ability. That’s ok. For her it’s something that will be a gradual and slow learning experience. But the important thing is that she gets into the habit of being in the water. Huggies ... Read More »

Pregnancy Diaries – 36 Weeks #3


I seem to have lost 1.7kg in the past week?! Not quite sure how as I’ve been eating what feels like non-stop. My appetite is ridiculous. This week I have actually been feeling a bit better in myself with regards to preparation things, but my body isn’t feeling any better. Today in particular I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure ... Read More »

Free School Meals For Key Stage 1 Pupils


From September 2014 all pupils in reception, year 1 and year 2 in state-funded schools in England will be eligible for free school meals (FSMs). This will include academies, free schools, pupil referral units and alternative provision as well as maintained schools. This has taken a huge weight off of our shoulders as a family not just financially. I struggled ... Read More »

“I’ve been on this roller coaster twice before”


Imagine queuing for a roller coaster that you’ve never been on before. You’re excited and happy. Then you get strapped into the seat and your nerves rocket, you experience all the emotions possible as you wait for it to begin. As it climbs up the track with just the sky in view you can feel your body shaking with fear ... Read More »

To My Princess 2 – 1 Year 7 Months


To my Princess 2, You seem to have really grown up this past month. I feel like I say it every month to be honest because I suppose there’s so much for you to learn. It’s crazy to think you’ve been in our world just 19 months but it feels like a lot lot longer. You’ve been learning to run. ... Read More »

Back To School


The summer holidays are now over. P1 has had two days back at school and she’s now in Year 1! It’s all new in Year 1. She has a new-ish uniform and they now get dropped off on the playground, learning is still play based but a lot more structured. In Year 1 she is expected to take her P.E ... Read More »

Build-A-Bear Workshop Review


As a last little treat before the end of the school holidays and what feels like the end of summer, the girls were invited down to our local Build-A-Bear Workshop. Build-A-Bear Workshop is the leading and only global company that offers an interactive make-your-own furry friend retail-entertainment experience and has over 400 stores worldwide. Our nearest is Maidstone. We kept ... Read More »

Pregnancy Diaries – 35 Weeks #3


I’m feeling big now. Really big and really heavy. Everything seems to be pulling downwards. I get a lot of pressure and discomfort in my lower bump which the midwife said is due to the fact P3 has been snuggled low in my pelvis pretty much the whole time, especially now. I’ve managed to pack the girls bags now and ... Read More »

Letter To My Nan – 1 Year


Hi Nan, I don’t think anyone knew how we’d all react when today came. Monday and Tuesday I cried several times, feeling anxious and agitated about today. I knew I didn’t want to be moping around feeling sorry for myself. Today, the girls have been really treated and it was lovely to watch them have fun at Build-A-Bear. I know ... Read More »

My Birthday Wish List


So it’s September already. We have a lot of things going on here. The 3rd will be a sad day as we remember one year since my Nan’s death. P1 goes back to school. Hubby and I celebrate our one year wedding anniversary on the 28th but of course more importantly, ha, on that day it’s my birthday. I’ve never ... Read More »

“I’m really struggling to get comfy at night”


I can’t quite put my finger on my mood today. One minute I’m feeling ok, the next I want to cry then the next I’m agitated, then I’m ok again. I’ve spent the whole day with at least one of the girls touching me or clinging to me. I’ve had P2 elbowing me in the stomach or using me as ... Read More »

Milkshake! Stars DVD Review & Competition


Milkshake starts at 6am every morning and is only on until 9am but houses some pretty awesome childhood favourites for me, like Mr Men, Thomas The Tank Engine and Fireman Sam to name a few. Both my girls really enjoy watching Milkshake as I think the shows are more catered for the younger viewers. On the 8th September 2014, Milkshake! ... Read More »

31/31: The Best Bit About August


I can’t quite believe that tomorrow is September. A really busy month for us, with birthdays, anniversaries, potentially a birth of P3 and obviously the return to school. August has been a real mixed month. Busy days and lazy days. We’ve had laughter and tears. Tantrums and cuddles. We’ve done baking and art. Fed ducks and been swimming. I’ve really ... Read More »