Orchard Toys What A Performance! Review


I am finding a real love for collecting board games and puzzles since I became an Orchard Toys Ambassador this year. I had always thought it was something my girls wouldn’t enjoy very much due to poor attention span but actually they love playing games together. We was recently send the What A Performance! board game to review. What A Performance! …

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Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day 2016


I am feeling so festive this year and so super excited for the main day. I don’t know why but things just feel much more magical this year. I have been looking for a good enough excuse to dust off our Christmas Jumpers and thankfully Save The Children UK gave us just the right reason. We were invited to come …

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Kia Niro 2 Hybrid SUV Family Car Review


I am bringing a completely different review to the mix today. We were recently given the opportunity to experience an extended test drive of the Kia Niro 2 a few weeks ago. Now I am definitely not a car expert but I can drive so I hope that counts for something. We are a family of five with young children …

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Special Needs Diary #10 – An Update


So firstly I am changing the format of this series of blog posts slightly. I’ve changed the name from Autism Diaries to Special Needs Diary. This is purely because we don’t have an official diagnosis and with recent medical appointments and conversations, it just doesn’t feel right to give P1 a definite label yet. However, she definitely is a special …

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The Puppet Company Review


It definitely feels like technology is taking over my world. The word “iPad” is literally grating on me as all three of my girls are obsessed. I have recently felt like the girls are engrossed by technology world, watching endless episodes of Peppa Pig and spending hours playing Minecraft. I have been searching for new ways to prize those devices …

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How My Camera Has Changed The Way I Blog


I have been blogging for very nearly four years. When I think about what my life was like and just how far not only have I, but my family, come since I began my blog is just incredible. I have had so many opportunities that have changed me and shaped me. So much has changed since I first dipped my …

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Father Christmas Experience At Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park


Every year since I was a little kid I can remember heading off to the garden centre to visit Santa with my Grandparents. It was a Chrismas tradition that I absolutely loved. There is an 8 year gap between my little brother and me so I still got to see Santa up until I had my first daughter. Then the …

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Sleep Deprivation Is Actual Torture


I was teased whilst we were in America. I experienced five days of what my life probably should be like by now. I put the girls to bed and didn’t hear from them until morning. In other words I had four full nights of sleep. I don’t think I really got to feel the benefits though as jet lag kicked …

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Part 5 – Universal Orlando Resort – The Last Day


Waking up on our last day in the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel felt strange. Our time in Orlando seemed to have whizzed by in a busy blur full of happy memories and laughing that we just didn’t want to go home. I felt more aware of our surroundings and found myself taking it it, taking mental pictures as I longed …

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Tasty Toddler Frozen Meals With Annabel Karmel


It definitely feels like Annabel Karmel has been by my side throughout my parenting journey. Right from the very beginning of teaching my first born to eat real food, Annabel was there with her handy weaning books for advice, recipes and tricks. For a first time mum, I needed that gentle nudge. I feel very lucky to have been able …

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My Letter From Santa Claus Review


I can’t quite believe how fast Christmas is approaching this year. It’s just a month away and I feel completely unprepared this year despite the fact we have actually done our toy shopping. I do feel super festive though and am determined this year to push the festivity to the limits. My Letter From Santa Claus got in touch recently …

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Getting Through The Sickness Bug


I suffer quite badly with migraines and I spend nearly every day worrying about when my next one will come on. They happen with no warning and I haven’t quite found out what the triggers are yet. Parenting with a migraine is absolutely awful. All you want to do is hide away and sleep it off but you just can’t …

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Siblings 2016 – November


This past month has been an absolute crazy one for us as a family. We’ve spent it partly in USA and when in the UK we’ve been in three different counties. There has been so many opportunities for making memories for us as a family but also for my girls as sisters. I have really enjoyed watching them this month …

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Learning Times Tables With Maths Rockx


One of the subjects I always struggled with at school was Maths. I have no idea what it is about the entire subject but it just never stayed in my brain. I even attended out of school help sessions to try and improve my mathematical ability but even that didn’t help. When P1 started school I was quite concerned that …

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Bonfire Night 2016 With 3M


Forgetting the fact I am somebody who doesn’t really embrace the colder weather gracefully, I do love Bonfire Night and Halloween. There’s something quite festive and exciting about it if I’m honest. This year was no different, my excitement was still well and truly there, only this year the girls were spending Bonfire Night back in Essex with my Mum. …

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Halloween At BeWILDerwood Norfolk


Before our amazing Universal Orlando trip was arranged, we had plans to head to Norfolk to see Hubby’s Grandparents. I actually hadn’t been up to their house in Norfolk before which meant the girls hadn’t either so this was a trip I was really excited about. As there is a lot of us we decided to book into a local …

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Jump In Trampoline Arena Tonbridge Review


This past year Hubby and I have been making such a huge effort to go on little adventures where we find brand new things for the girls to do. We are sort of testing out all the local attractions to find our favourite destinations for days out or rainy day activities. I was recently made aware of a new trampoline …

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Taking A Break With An Autumn Walk & A Vlog


We recently had three consecutive holidays. We had two mini breaks and the epic holiday to Orlando. They all came at once and we were so super lucky but I was bound to feel the holiday blues when we returned to England. Those blues have really hit. The two weeks before our holidays were the most stressful that I’ve felt …

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Part 2 – Universal Orlando Resort – VIP Tour Experience


All three of the girls slept straight through their first night in Orlando. Despite being super comfortable in the air conditioned Garden Room of the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, I didn’t sleep too well. I think I was overtired and had adrenaline pumping through me as I anticipated the day ahead. I’d set my alarm for early. I had expected …

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A Simple Halloween


Last year P1 went with my MiL for a Halloween party and missed trick or treating. She was devastated and this year she kept asking if she could come with us. With nothing else planned for Halloween day and evening, we agreed to go trick or treating. Hubby bought a super cute small pumpkin to carve. He spent ages marking …

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