Mindful Eating Challenge

featured mindful eating

Last week we embarked on a mindful eating challenge. We were given the challenge by Legal and General who organised a five day recipe box to help us on our journey. Every single day of our lives we cook things that are convenient without giving it a second thought. So many times I’ve wanted to change the way we eat ...

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American Inspired Staycation – #SantanderStaycation

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Funny enough, P1 has just returned from a holiday, a full 9 days with her Grandparents. She stayed in the UK this time in a beautiful place in Gloucester. I am so jealous of her little trip away because we have put off a big, long family holiday for nearly three years. The main reason of course is the price. ...

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My Sunday Photo – 23/08/2015

featured 23 aug 15

We don’t have a garden. Our little bit of outdoor space is a shared access way between our house and our outbuilding. This summer I’ve actually been brave enough to start using it. Our landlord put up a shelter a few months ago and it’s been great. It gives the feeling of having a conservatory and therefore we have started ...

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I’m An Official Blogger At Emma’s Diary

featured emmas diary

I just wanted to quickly start by saying if anyone has commented on my Vanish Competition or anywhere else in the past two days, please re-comment. Due to a recent WordPress update the WordPress database had become corrupted and we have had to restore from a previous backup. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused! Depending on how closely ...

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“It’s been exactly a week since I last hugged my biggest daughter”


It’s been exactly a week since I last hugged my biggest daughter. I waved P1 off with my Grandad, her Great-Grandad, for 9 days away with him, my Mum, step-dad and brother. They’re currently staying in one of my favourite holiday destinations and generally a place I’ve dreamed of living myself, Gloucester. I wrote about how I felt I would ...

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From Babies With Love Ambassador

2015-08-13 13.37.32

As new ambassadors for From Babies With Love P3 was asked to go along to be photographed in their new collection. I’m not exactly a natural at navigating my way around London and the journey wasn’t going to be overly straight forward if I wanted to use public transport. Originally, I planned to go by the normal train to London ...

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“I am beginning to ask myself why she doesn’t sleep yet”

2015-08-16 11.31.23

With a certain somebody headed quite quickly towards her third birthday I am beginning to ask myself why she doesn’t sleep yet. I have a nearly 11 month old who sleeps in the cot peacefully until morning, only really stirring when we go to bed or when her older sister shouts for me in the night. I wonder if P3 ...

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Being In The Tots100 Top 100

featured tots 100

I joined the Tots100 back in June 2013, I’d been blogging for just 6 months and it had become apparent that many other bloggers were raving about the rankings. Visit here to find out all about Tots100 and how the ranks are formed. There are over 8,000 UK parentings blogs in their community and it’s a fantastic platform to receive ...

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My Sunday Photo – 16/08/2015

16 august 2015

One of my new friends over here in Sevenoaks invited me to her daughter’s Christening. I felt so honoured to receive an invite to not only the ceremony but the little lunch afterwards. A couple of weeks before the Christening my friend asked if I could take a couple of photos of her family for her on the day which ...

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A Surprise Photoshoot


A few weeks ago one of my friends had arranged a surprise for our friendship group. She wouldn’t tell us what but just to pack a picnic and meet at Knole Park, the local National Trust site. It was beautiful there and I realised that we should really get outdoors more for adventures with my big camera because the setting ...

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Old MacDonald’s Farm Review

featured a day on the farm

We are now in our summer holiday routine. The kids are generally getting along and with P1 soon to be going on holiday with her Great-Grandad for a large chunk of the holiday we wanted to do something as a family before her trip. We ventured back over to Essex to visit Old MacDonald’s Farm. I hadn’t been there since ...

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Siblings August 2015

featured august 2015

For all of this time I have been worrying about the relationships forming between my Siblings. Terrified they would hate each other forever. I’ve always wanted them to be the best of friends with visions of them happily choosing to go shopping or the cinema with each other. That’s what I want for them. Someone to always turn to. Best ...

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“I didn’t fully realise just how much I relied on her”

featured gloucester

When my Grandad asked me if it was ok to take P1 on holiday for a week I jumped at the chance. A whole week of no arguing, no shouting, no rudeness and battles at bedtime. We needed a break from her if I’m completely honest as at the time, she was absolutely awful to be around. Typically, in the ...

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Home Grown Herbs Without A Garden with Spalding Bulb

featured herb growing

I really enjoyed growing up and helping my Grandad in his garden. My Grandad is a real green fingers. He has and always has had a beautiful, well kept garden and he also had an allotment up until my Nan got really ill. I spent a lot of time with him both in his garden and up the allotment. But ...

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Eating Out With Kids At Cafe Rouge Bluewater


We were invited along to try out the new kids menu at our local Cafe Rouge last weekend. I’ve only ever experienced a breakfast at Cafe Rouge whilst holidaying in CenterParcs so I was extremely excited and totally nervous about dining out with all three children. Going to a restaurant is certainly when hubby and I feel the strain the ...

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SOS Mummy Survival Kit with Lights by TENA

featured tena sos

Every single day I have moments when I feel like screaming help! Parenting is by far the hardest job on earth. It is a 24 hour job, even when you’re sleeping your subconscious is aware of your surroundings listening out for a cry. I’m not one to seclude mums and dads, but child birth definitely gives us mums a reason ...

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Climbing The Stairs At 10 Months


In January last year P2 climbed my MiLs stairs for the very first time. She was 11 months and 10 days old. It shocked us as she’d never made any indications that she wanted to climb anything. Today, at 10 months and 11 days old, P3 has climbed my MiLs stairs for the first time. I didn’t get to capture ...

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Becoming Domesticated & A Chance To Win Vanish Products


I have never been domesticated. In fact I am pretty sure that it is allergic to me, or the other way round as whenever I do start cleaning I sneeze and get puffy eyes. My bedroom was always a complete pig sty growing up. I was a typical teen that refused to tidy up the floordrobe, or the hundreds of ...

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My Sunday Photo – 09/08/2015


I can’t quite believe how quickly these Sunday’s go by. Especially when joining in with the My Sunday Linky. This week seems to have whizzed by in a bit of a blur. We’ve actually been quite busy with a picnic, a photoshoot, friends coming over, going to the park, going to Gymboree, attending an exercise dance class, a paediatrician appointment ...

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Letter To My Princess 2 – 2 Years 6 Months

featured 2 years 6 months

To my Princess 2, Two and a half years you have been in our lives. I say it all the time but time is really flying past and it feels like just yesterday that I met my chubby little monkey for the first time. You are so different from your older sister. You’re heavier, sturdier and much more laid back. ...

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Saving for Life’s Big Moments: Where to Make Savings

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There are a few prominent milestones in each of our lives that tend to cost a lot. Finding ways in which to make savings for these events can be a real struggle. Preparing for your future is something that we all need to do. There are ways in which you can make savings in your everyday life, which can go ...

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