P1s Sports Day 2016


I can’t believe that it’s the end of P1s journey as a Key Stage 1 student. She attends a Primary School but when I was her age this would have been her last year in the Infants. In just over six weeks time she’ll be entering the Juniors phase and things are going to get tougher. I always find it amusing …

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Dressing Up Fun With Katie’s Princess Dresses

featured katies princess dresses

The weather has been glorious this week. We are all getting a healthy glow on our skins and despite not having a car for some of this beautiful weather, we have been having a great time all the same. This weekend felt like a good time to enjoy some time dressing up and mixing up their play sessions a little …

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Becoming Superheroes With Ella’s Kitchen

featured ellas kitchen

I am really bad at planning activities for the girls to do. I think that’s one reason I’m quite grateful for my blog because it pushes me out of my comfort zone with the opportunities we get. Recently we were sent a huge box of goodies from Ella’s Kitchen and challenged to recreate a super hero theme. Inside our box …

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8 Best Theme Parks And Attractions In Madrid


When you think Madrid city breaks, you probably think history museums and art galleries, architectural landmarks and fine dining. These all make it an alluring place to spend a weekend yourself, with friends, or with a partner, but with kids? You’re probably looking for something less cultural and more energetic. Luckily, Madrid won’t let you down – the city is full of …

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Pirongs Unique Lifestyle Planner Review


I used to a pretty unorganised person with my blog. I would spend so long trying to figure out what I had outstanding or even what the postman had brought me that week. Things got a bit crazy last year and I felt completely stressed out by it all and very overwhelmed. I needed a system and so I bought …

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Summer Fun In The Sun

sevenoaks, cute, family, pond, water, rye lane, park, summer, lake

Oh my goodness, hands up if you’re loving this hot weather? I definitely prefer warmer weather over the cold weather. It makes me feel happier and more at ease with life in general. We still have a few more days left of school for P1 but P2 has already broken up for the summer holidays. We’ve started to put together …

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Kids Bedroom Makeover Challenge With George ASDA


Having three girls makes room decorating pretty simple as they all tend to love the same thing at the same time at the moment. We currently have all three girls sharing a room which they are outgrowing rapidly. We think our eldest has autism and so in an ideal world I would love for her to have her own bedroom. …

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Our First Child Free Weekend At Home


For a while now P1 and P2 have enjoyed a one night sleepover with my Mum over in Essex. It’s usually the first weekend of the month and it gave us a little bit of a break. It was never a full break because we had P3 and there’s only been a handful of times (if that) when we’ve managed …

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#WhatsYourX – Sony Xperia X Mobile Phone Review


I remember a time when for me, my mobile phone was my statement accessory. During secondary school if you still had a block like phone when the latest one was a flip, then you were classed as a bit of a weirdo. I don’t know what secondary school life is like nowadays but for me personally, I’m not overly bothered …

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Siblings 2016 – July

2016-07-02 09.44.47

I say it every month but this year is just zooming past at a super rapid speed. We are in the seventh month which of course means we are now over half way through 2016. Personally I’m already looking forward to Christmas but I’ll try keep that one quiet for now. So we are on to the next lot of …

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Trying To Survive The Last Terrible Twos Phase

terrible twos featured

Life has become pretty unbearable. The relatively easy going, will come along wherever with little fuss toddler of ours has turned into a little monster. It’s been about a month now but things seem to be at a new stage of hell in the past week.  There’s no hiding the fact she’s always been the drama of the three, far …

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Britax Affinity 2 Pushchair Review

britax featured

I know, you are probably wondering why one person would need so many pushchairs in their lives right?! Well the most recent addition to our family is the brand new Britax Affinity 2. I think the main reason we have several pushchairs is because we need one for different types of adventures so our B-Agile Double is perfect for when we …

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Reflecting On A Year Of Nursery


It’s that time of the year when suddenly we realise there’s just a few weeks or even days left of the schooling year. It terrifies me every year but for some reason I’m feeling a lot more sentimental this time round as we wave goodbye to P2s very first year of nursery. I love her nursery and the setting has …

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Trutex School Uniform Review

trutex uniform featured

One thing we have noticed about P1s personality and possibly due to autism, is that she finds clothing extremely uncomfortable and especially school uniform. Because let’s face it, who ever felt comfortable wearing their uniform?! Now this is thinking quite far in advance really but we were sent some Trutex school wear to review and you can find your local …

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Teacher Gifts With Mantra Jewellery


To be honest I am quite glad to see the back of this school year. I really don’t know why but I feel like we need a fresh start in the motivational department. We most certainly need a break from early rushed mornings too. I’ve had various emails from the class reps about donations and cards for the teachers from …

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How Much Should I Feed My Toddler? #rethinktoddlerportionsizes


I have always had concerns when it comes to what my daughters eat in a day. P1 is such a skinny little thing but tends to eat an incredible quantity of food so we were referred to a dietitian who assured us that we were doing the right thing. But more recently I have been faced with other worries surrounding …

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Worlds Apart Junior ReadyBed Review


Every first weekend of the month P1 and P2 head off for a one night sleep over with my Mum. This weekend will be P3s first experience of the sleepover as we’ve felt she was a little too young previously. The girls have their own special room and have been kitted out with a bed, but P3 doesn’t yet so …

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Earning Her Brownie Hostess Badge


P1 has been a Brownie for four months now. I’ve been pretty sceptical about how long she’d stick mat it because I wasn’t a Girl Guide for long myself. However, she is thoroughly enjoying every meet they have and attends weekly. Being a Brownie is about exploring new hobbies, learning new skills and making new friends and I really think …

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Strawberry Picking As A Family

featured strawberry picking

Our weekdays are so busy with one of the girls doing various activities or blog events, friends and playgroups. It’s hard to keep track of things and so when it comes to the weekend my head is telling me to spend it in my pyjamas doing absolutely nothing. But actually our weekends are precious because apart from the couple of …

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My Experience Of #BML16


At 7:30am last week I was stood with Hubby at the train station after leaving our smallest baby in the car with my MiL. It was the first time we’d ever left her overnight before so both of us were pretty nervous. In fact I felt quite sick and had barely eaten from nerves but also excitement because we were …

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Letts Wild About Books & Giveaway


For the first time in a while I actually feel content with the amount of effort I am putting in to my girls educations. I recently bought some really useful age appropriate learning books for P2 which she has really enjoyed doing. But I think the best book we have ever tried has got to be the brand spanking new …

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4 Perfect Outfits For The School Run


I am most definitely not a fashion savvy person. I throw on whatever is clean to be honest. I think my main issue is that I am so tiny, 4ft 8in tall, so I struggle to find adult clothes that actually suit my body shape and my confidence. Nearly my entire wardrobe consists of hand me downs from friends or …

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I’m A DryNites Ambassador!


Behind the scenes in my blogging life I have been in deep conversations with the team at DryNites and that’s because this year I was chosen, along with a few others, to become a DryNites Ambassador for 2016. I feel so incredibly excited about the opportunity as even though P2 has been fully dry in the day for well over a …

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