“I’ve known about it for a while and it’s nothing serious at all”


I read other blogs every day and recently I read this very inspiring one from Along Came Cherry and a specific paragraph really stayed with me: If my kids are playing up then there is always a reason, either something has upset them or something is going on with me. If I’m pre-occupied with some work that needs doing then they …

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Three Ways To Make Laundry Less Of A Chore


Hate doing the laundry? Join the club! It’s a difficult and time consuming chore, which seems like it never ends. If you want to streamline your laundry time and make your fear of doing the washing something of the past, here are three top tips to help you conquer the laundry, forever. Deal with stains immediately It’s tempting to quickly …

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Peppa Pig’s Surprise UK Tour


I have been going to see Peppa Pig at the theatre for a while now. There’s something about that little pink pig that both P1 and P2 have been equally obsessed at the same points in their lives. P2 is yet to experience the theatre side of Peppa and I’m quite excited to announce there’s a brand new UK tour, …

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My Sunday Photo – 04/10/2015

featured 4 october 2015

Last Sunday I was waking up, granted it was super early, in a huge king sized bed with the sounds of birds singing. Fields and trees as our view. This morning I’ve had a full night of cosleeping with P3, I can hear cars and see buildings. I’m feeling grumpy today. Agitated. It’s through lack of sleep and I’ve only …

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Our Weekend At Gladwins Farm

featured gladwins farm

We started our journey to Gladwins Farm after picking P1 up from school. It was meant to take just under an hour and a half but the traffic was awful and it ended up taking nearly three. As we arrived, the sun starting to set, the stress from the journey seemed to just disappear. The view was so peaceful and …

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Babymoov Autumn Essentials Giveaway


As you all should be aware by now we are Babymoov Ambassadors this year. What better way to start the Autumn than to kick it off with a competition to win over £150 worth of products from the awesome brand we have grown to love. The prize bundle consists: * Muslin blanket set * Aquarium humidifier * Messenger bag * …

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Letter To My Princess 3 – 1 Year

featured birthday

To my Princess 3, You dramatically entered our world the day after my birthday. I’d promised I wouldn’t share my birthday with not only my second anniversary and another birthday. You couldn’t breathe and were taken to special care. You are now one whole year old and continue to be our little drama Queen. Right at the start you were …

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My Sunday Photo – 27/09/2015


It’s my birthday tomorrow. Our 2nd year wedding anniversary. We are currently having a mini break. As I type this up, it’s actually Saturday evening, P3 is upstairs in her own bedroom fast asleep and the other two are downstairs playing in their bedroom. I’m. actually here to review so I won’t say too much just yet but Gladwin’s Farm …

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“I hate Autumn!”


The weather seems to get blamed for quite a few things. This time I’m blaming it for my lack of mojo to blog. It also seems I’m not alone in my missing inspiration as a few other bloggers have recently declared a dry patch, ironically seeing as the weather certainly isn’t dry! We are only a few weeks into Autumn …

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Barbie Rock ‘n Royals Review

featured rock n royal barbie

Barbie has been around my whole entire life and they have certainly come a long way since then too. P1 has a huge collection of various Barbie’s who are mostly naked with scraggly hair now. The technology side of things has also improved and P1 especially loves watching all the fantastic movies that come out. The latest one is the …

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Using Colour To Create The Perfect Country Themed Home

featured using colour

If you want to create the ideal country themed home then you should take a good look at nature, be aware of the different seasons and, most important of all, bear in mind that many berries and flowers come in gloriously flamboyant colours as well as more subdued hues. One room at a time In the bedroom, for example, if …

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5 Benefits Of Sensory Play

featured sensory play

Think about your favourite memories. How many of these have a particular colour, smell or sound associated with them? The smell of a crackling barbecue in the summer or the roar of the crowd when your favourite football team scores a last-minute winner, are two examples. Our brains trigger flashbacks to those happy times as soon as our nostrils or …

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My Sunday Photo – 20/09/2015

featured 20 sept 15

Next Sunday it’ll be the eve of my 23rd birthday and our second wedding anniversary. So I’m going to be the star of this weeks My Sunday Photo. This week has zoomed by. There’s been a first day at nursery for P2, a friends tea party, P3s one year check, blood tests for me, playgroups, Gymboree, meeting up with a …

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Dry Kids All In One Review

featured dry kids

I don’t think the weather has been too kind on us this “summer” and the school holidays were pretty lame weren’t they with regards to the good old British weather. Autumn has suddenly hit and it is freezing cold and raining the majority of the time. Thankfully I was contacted to see if I wanted to review some Dry Kids …

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Siblings September 2015

featured siblings september 15

All of my close friends have boys or at least one of each. I have girls. Three girls, three hair styles to create and at the moment three dresses. There’s going to be four sets of “the time of the month’s” and makeup, shoes and boyfriends. My girls really are very different to one another. P1 is slim, wobbly and …

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“We took an obligatory first day at nursery photo”

featured first day nursery

P2 has been ready for nursery for a while and it feels like such a long time since we joined various waiting lists. I needed to give her more than I could offer. For her to build friendships and grow her independence and confidence.  To follow some structure as she learns more and more about the world she lives in. …

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My Sunday Photo – 13/09/2015

featured 13 sept 15

This weeks My Sunday Photo is a photo from my iPhone. It was taken last night in the pitch black so the quality is absolutely awful and I’ll apologise for that as I try to take pride in my blog showcasing high quality images. I didn’t even take this photo myself, one of my lovely friends did. Last night, when …

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Being Busy & Thinking Ahead


We’ve successfully completed the first full week back to our school routine, although I’m still not quite used to the early mornings and I keep sleeping through the alarms that were switched off for six weeks leaving us pretty rushed every morning. Having a set routine seems to help P1s behaviour though and she’s been really good up until the …

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Teaching My Daughter About Money With thinkmoney

featured think money

We were recently challenged by thinkmoney to decorate a piggy bank but to also think about what financial advice we want our girls to carry with them until they’re older. I was certainly never good with money and spent my very early “grown up” life in debt and borrowing money from my Grandad constantly. Meeting my hubby changed things, he …

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“My last baby is growing up”


Life is being pretty hectic lately. It’s so nice to have a routine back though now that school is in full swing for P1. She’s even started swimming again already and we’ve picked out some clubs that she wants to attend during and after school. Her options are much bigger now she’s in Year 2 too. Then there’s P2 who …

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Puppy Surprise Review

puppy surprise featured

Since the TV advert came on our screens for Puppy Surprise P2 has been begging us for it each day. We had told her she had to wait for Christmas but when we were offered the chance of reviewing one I couldn’t say no. Especially when her big sister came back from her holiday with the Kitty Surprise which was …

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Letter To My Princess 2 – 2 Years 7 Months

featured 2 y 7 months

To my Princess 2, You are now 2 years and 7 months old, well three days ago you were any way. This past month you’re vocabulary has come on leaps and bounds. You’ve always been quite advanced I think but some of the things you say are just so grown up. This of course means you can be quite stubborn, strong …

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