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Baker Days Letter Box Cake Review


We’ve been enjoying a treat from Baker Days. It arrived in the post last week and we actually used it as a little gift for P1 after doing so well in her nativity. Baker Days have an enormous selection of cakes for all occasions. We chose a Christmas cake with none less than Olaf from Disney’s Frozen. I wasn’t sure what ... Read More »

“We are now 13 days since we last breastfed”

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The morning after I had wrote about P3s slow weight gain I woke up at about 2am and sterilised some bottles. She’d been restless and squirming and my boobies for a while and it was upsetting me. The whole situation was upsetting. I felt completely useless. I received many helpful advice from the health professionals and from fellow blogging friends, but I ... Read More »

Frugi Lovely Velour Set Red Review


We were sent a lovely little outfit from Frugi for P3, the New Lovely Velour Set before she was born. It made me so excited for her arrival. The outfit is made from organic cotton. Frugi are well known for their organic materials and their clothes are designed to last. We unfortunately haven’t embraced cloth this time round as having three ... Read More »

Our Play Date with Dr Miriam Stoppard & Galt Toys


I’m familiar with Dr Miriam Stoppard’s parenting books so we jumped at accepting the invitation to attend an interactive play class with herself and Galt Toys at The Kids Stuff Toys in Ashford. I decided to take the train with P2 and P3 to give hubby a break and he kindly offered to drop us to the station before dropping ... Read More »

MAM Starter Set & Soother Pod Review


For P1 & P2 we used Tommee Tippee. Whether it was bottles, cups, spoons, soothers or even the steriliser – it was always Tommee Tippee. So when we recently decided to bottle feed P3 there was no question as to what we’d be using… or was there?! P3 point blank refused the Tommee Tippee bottles. Reluctantly, I dusted off the ... Read More »

Princess 1’s Birthday Party with My Little Pony


Every time we arrive home from one of P1s friends parties, we get bombarded with requests and ideas that P1 wants for her own party. Last year we didn’t have one, we didn’t have the funds to throw a party in a hall or playcentre and our house is certainly not big enough for it to be held here. So ... Read More »

“I get such a warm fuzzy feeling when I receive gifts”


There’s certainly a trend in the blogging world right now with Christmas just two weeks away! Every where I look there’s photos of Christmas decorations, food, gift guides, Christmas jumpers and product reviews. Oh the reviews are coming in thick at the moment for me and at times I’ve felt completely overwhelmed and slightly scared I’ll lose some readership by ... Read More »

“Our house has been filled with germs this weekend”


Our house has been filled with germs this weekend. Hubby has had a cough for a while now but Friday saw P2s temperature rise and her cheeks were bright red. She was due to spend the day with her Grandparents which had to be cancelled, however P1 went for a rescheduled sleepover instead. On Saturday, I woke with a snotty ... Read More »

To My Princess 2 – 1 Year 10 Months


To my Princess 2, For a while now we’ve been saying “she’s nearly two” or “aged 2-3″ or “terrible twos come early”. Writing your age again has hit me just how grown up you really are for it. You’re only a year! Not two. You are cheeky. Each day you do the most hilarious things like faces, actions and words. ... Read More »

Christmas Gift Guide for Girls 2014


Christmas this year seems to have suddenly slapped us in the face. Thankfully we’ve finished shopping and wrapping for the girls but I have put together a little gift guide for girls aged 4+ seeing as I have three princesses. Hobbycraft Felt Owl Sewing Kit Girls, and boys, are crafty and I don’t think you can go wrong with craft ... Read More »

“Christmas is all wrapped up”


Last year P1 was very ungrateful for her birthday and Christmas presents. We’d forked out a lot of money to get her a Schleich farm house and various accessories – anyone who knows what I’m talking about will know that a tiny animal costs around £4. At 5 years old, children just don’t understand value. This year we vowed to ... Read More »

The Magical Orlando Tag


With Christmas approaching far too quickly the blogging world has been all about gift guides and competitions. Well I’m entering the FloridaTix competition so here’s my entry: 1. Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into? I’d hope the sorting hat would see my love for Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and put me into Slytherin but in reality I’d be ... Read More »

“The only positive is that it’s a gain and not a loss”


I felt so nervous waking up this morning. P3 was due to get weighed again to check the weight gain situation. I’ve been trying really hard to get more feeds into one day, I’ve been eating and drinking better too. I woke the poor little lady up from her nice cosy slumber in her Doona and took her inside the ... Read More »

Nonabox November Review


So we’ve just received our last Nonabox of the three we’ve been reviewing. They’ve certainly got better with time! November’s Nonabox was packed with some amazing products. I was so excited peering inside and rummaging. Everything in this months box will be well used, just like the Muslin blanket we had in last months. Sleepytot Small Bunny Baby Comforter (£10.99) – ... Read More »

Frankie & Benny’s Festive Menu Review


Hubby and I wanted to treat my MiL, BiL and her partner to a Christmas meal to thank them for the unconditional love and support they’ve given us this past year. We’d discussed several places we could go and then Frankie & Benny’s asked me to review their Festive Menu. This gave us a fantastic opportunity to treat the family ... Read More »

Announcing My BritMums Live 2015 Sponsor & Some Changes


In the past week or so I’ve been really focusing on making my blog better. Editing and updating certain pages, making sure I take better images and even adding a little bit of video here and there. I wanted to share some of these changes as I’d like some opinions. Firstly, I wanted to start by sharing my social media ... Read More »

Sweet Dreamers Ewan The Dream Sheep Review


Regular readers will know that I’m an owner to a toddler that has struggled for 20 months to self-settle so I’ve been trying my hardest not to make the same mistakes with P3. I rarely allow her to fall asleep feeding and will always put her back in the SnuzPod at night. In all honesty P3 has been a fantastic ... Read More »

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