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“I’d forgotten how painful after-birth pains were”


I’d forgotten how painful after-birth pains were. I’ve been topped up on painkillers since the moment P3 was born. Every midwife or nurse that I spoke to at the hospital had said something along the lines of “oh yes especially with your third” when I told them how I was feeling. Great!!! The pains feel like extremely bad period pains, ... Read More »

Our First Night At Home


We’ve just encountered our first night and morning as a family of five. P3 and I were discharged at 6pm yesterday following some great blood test results that meant she no longer needed antibiotics and therefore was no reason for her or me to be in hospital. We got home at the girls bedtime. I’d promised P1 she could have ... Read More »

Welcome to the world Princess 3


I went to bed last night experiencing Braxton Hicks. I’d decided to sleep it off like I have done every evening for about a week now. The pains and tightenings were quite painful but nothing unbearable so I managed to sleep from 9:30pm to 2:45am. I woke suddenly feeling a slight trickle and wetness. I ran for the loo as ... Read More »

Celebrating Birthday & Wedding Anniversary


Birthdays have never been overly exciting for me. I don’t know why it’s just always seemed like any other day. Last year was my wedding and my birthday sorta got pushed to the side, out of choice, and forgotten in the motion of wedding celebrations. This year has been the first year I can truly remember that’s just been fantastic. ... Read More »

Leftover Meal Using Eggs – Shortcut Eggspert Challenge September


According to WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) the top food items that are not used in time are, and therefore thrown in the bin are: 1. Bread; 2. Milk; 3. Potatoes; 4. Bananas; 5. Carrots; 6. Pork/ham/bacon. With this in mind September’s Shortcut Eggspert Challenge with British Lion Eggs and BritMums was to create a meal using leftovers. In ... Read More »

Child Car Safety – The Law


This morning whilst scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed like I do every morning a photo caught my eye. I felt angry and upset. I was upset at the situation inside the picture and angry that this person thinks it’s ok to put it on Facebook showing clear neglect for their children. It was a photo showing two children of different ... Read More »

“I’m the problem!”


I’m the root. I realised that tonight as I watched P2 wriggle, kick, jump, push covers off and attempt to escape out of her bed. I lost count to the amount of times I had to lay her back down and remind her that it’s sleep time. It took hours and that’s when I realised. I’m the problem! Right from ... Read More »

Pregnancy Diaries – 38 Weeks #3


My 38 week pregnancy with P2 was quite different to this pregnancy. I had terribly itchy skin and was feeling quite ill. This week I’ve been feeling very uncomfortable, especially in the evenings. I’m getting frequent tightenings but only in the evening. It’s like my body is telling me to rest even though it’s pretty much all I have been ... Read More »

“I treated them to a naughty sugar treat”


Parents that are riddled with illness or pregnancy (hubby with the illness, me with the pregnancy) make pretty boring parents. That’s what it has felt like last weekend and most of this week anyway. Hubby has caught the cold that P2 and I had last week only whenever hubby catches a cold it seems to morph into a chest infection ... Read More »

Lorna Drew Catherine Midnight Nursing Bra & Briefs Review


I should probably apologise to you all for the influx of underwear shots on my blog lately but I’ve been really lucky and able to review some fantastic nursing underwear ready for P3s arrival. I’m so fussy when it comes to underwear, nursing or otherwise, so I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to find out what I like and dislike ... Read More »

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag


My hospital bag’s been packed for a while now but a dream I had the other night left me trying to remember whether I’d packed a hat or a blanket for baby, or what I’d actually packed. So the bag was brought inside again so that I could sort, repack and take the opportunity to photograph the bits to create a post ... Read More »

My Husband’s Take On Childbirth


This evening I laughed so much it hurt I laughed until I cried. I laughed so much I couldn’t breathe. It was my hubby’s fault. We were having one of our many discussions about labour and this time reminiscing on P2s birth. For me, it all went by in a bit of a blur but for hubby it’s clearly imprinted ... Read More »

Happy 79th Birthday Nan!


It’s my Nan’s birthday today. She’s now missed two. She would have been 79 years old today. Normally, every year, I get excited by my Nan’s birthday. It marks exactly one week until mine. Last year, we were busy planning for her funeral on the 23rd and it was my wedding on my birthday last year. But this year feels ... Read More »

The Things I’m Looking Forward to Post-Pregnancy


With just three official weeks left until my due date. I’ve guiltily started dreaming about the moment I go into labour and give birth to our beautiful baby girl. I have been feeling rather negative about pregnancy, it’s been a tough “last ever pregnancy” and I’ve struggled to see the good side of it all. I’ve not enjoyed being pregnant ... Read More »

Pregnancy Diaries – 37 Weeks #3


I’m classed as term officially. There’s still three more weeks until my due date but knowing that I’m actually term makes me feel a little more relaxed. I’m in agony today. I’m not sleeping thanks to P2, who seems to think from 1-4am is the time to be completely unsettled and I’m up every 15-30minutes resettling her. It’s exhausting. Plus ... Read More »

“I’m feeling so much more calmer about space now”


When we first moved into our home we naturally took the bigger room as we were sharing with P2 in her cot and P1 had the smaller room, but after a suggestion by a sleep therapist that came over to assist with P2s stirring, we moved into the smaller room and the girls began their journey of sharing. It didn’t ... Read More »

Bravado Confetti Nursing Bra & Seamless Pants Review


In a few weeks or less I’ll be handing over my beautiful boobies to our newest member of the household, P3, for her feeding needs and her comforting needs. I’m actually feeling a little nervous about it despite the fact I enjoyed it so much with P2. I think I’m worried of not being able to with P3. For something, anything, to ... Read More »

The Lego Movie DVD Review


P1 was really excited when we told her that we’d soon be reviewing The Lego Movie courtesy of a website that tracks prices to help you find the best deal going. The Lego Movie is a 3D animated film. The basic storyline is that an ordinary guy named Emmet is mistaken as being the Master Builder. With the help ... Read More »

Start A Habit That Lasts a Lifetime with Huggies Little Swimmers


P1 has hypermobility and despite our lack of trying and attending parent and toddler lessons, then lessons in a group, she hasn’t really progressed in her swimming ability. That’s ok. For her it’s something that will be a gradual and slow learning experience. But the important thing is that she gets into the habit of being in the water. Huggies ... Read More »