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My Birthday Wish List


So it’s September already. We have a lot of things going on here. The 3rd will be a sad day as we remember one year since my Nan’s death. P1 goes back to school. Hubby and I celebrate our one year wedding anniversary on the 28th but of course more importantly, ha, on that day it’s my birthday. I’ve never ... Read More »

“I’m really struggling to get comfy at night”


I can’t quite put my finger on my mood today. One minute I’m feeling ok, the next I want to cry then the next I’m agitated, then I’m ok again. I’ve spent the whole day with at least one of the girls touching me or clinging to me. I’ve had P2 elbowing me in the stomach or using me as ... Read More »

Milkshake! Stars DVD Review & Competition


Milkshake starts at 6am every morning and is only on until 9am but houses some pretty awesome childhood favourites for me, like Mr Men, Thomas The Tank Engine and Fireman Sam to name a few. Both my girls really enjoy watching Milkshake as I think the shows are more catered for the younger viewers. On the 8th September 2014, Milkshake! ... Read More »

31/31: The Best Bit About August


I can’t quite believe that tomorrow is September. A really busy month for us, with birthdays, anniversaries, potentially a birth of P3 and obviously the return to school. August has been a real mixed month. Busy days and lazy days. We’ve had laughter and tears. Tantrums and cuddles. We’ve done baking and art. Fed ducks and been swimming. I’ve really ... Read More »

30/31: My Earliest Memories


I have quite a few memories from my childhood. I can’t quite pick one as being earlier than the other. 1) We lived adjoined to a veterinary surgery, the one where my mum worked, and I have so many memories of being there. I remember playing between the big bags of dog food stacked on shelves. I remember watching kittens ... Read More »

29/31: 5 Things I Can’t Live Without


Easy peasy. Not exactly life or death but these are the things that make my life go round… 1) My husband. He’s my back bone. He’s taught me so much. He’s my absolute best friend. The main person I rely on for everything. He puts up with so much. 2) My Daughters. Without them I’d have no purpose. It’s that ... Read More »

28/31: My Biggest Source Of Inspiration


I couldn’t choose between my Nan or my Grandad so I’m going to write why both of them are my biggest inspirations. My Nan I cannot remember a time where she was 100% well. She’d always get out of breath walking to town but she never really let it effect any of us. As things got worse, yes she’d complain ... Read More »

Pregnancy Diaries – 34 Weeks #3


I’m getting increasingly nervous now. The fact that I have 6 weeks until my due date, but only 3 weeks until I’m classed as “term”. It’s scary. You’d think that I would be a pro at pregnancy and birth by now but I think the fact I only gave birth last year means that it’s all still so fresh in ... Read More »

27/31: Overcoming A Difficult Situation


At just 21 years on this earth (very nearly 22) I’ve had quite a few difficult situations to contend with. I keep telling myself it’s all part of the journey through life but sometimes I feel like shouting “give me a break!!!” The main difficult situation occurred when I was just 15 years old. It was when I found out ... Read More »

George at Asda Light Denim Shorts Review


I love shopping for the girls clothes in supermarkets. George at Asda particularly have a lovely range for children’s clothes for an excellent price but I rarely get myself anything in the supermarket. We were recently sent some denim shorts to review. Obviously, I’m pregnant at the moment so I can’t actually do the shorts up right now, but funny ... Read More »

26/31: My 5 Favourite Archived Posts


I have a handy little section on my blog now that allows me to look through my archives, you can find it here, and it came in use for picking out my top 5. Number 1 The Death Of My Nan It’s not exactly a “favourite” but this post was so raw from my Nan passing away and really highlights ... Read More »

DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow Review


It’s the main thing I’ve moaned about during this pregnancy and it too begins with the letter “P”. Pain. I seem to have been dished the very shortest straw when it comes to pain and have been in agony for what seems like the whole duration. With the uncomfortable only increasing I was very excited to review the DreamGenii Pregnancy ... Read More »

25/31: A Moment In My Day


Are you taking part in the Blog Every Day In August challenge hosted by Outmumbered?? Today’s prompt is to capture a moment of your day and share it. The weather has been awful. The kids have been awful. Hubby hasn’t been feeling 100%. So basically the mood of the household is pretty bad. During P2s nap I decided to sit ... Read More »

To My Princess 1 – 5 Years 8 Months


To my Princess 1, This month has been a pretty busy one really. It’s the school holidays and although we haven’t done too much, the things you’ve been doing have been pretty exhausting. Just the past week you travelled to London with Great-Grandad to visit Buckingham Palace and the Royal Mews. You had a wonderful time and I hope that ... Read More »

24/31: 10 Words To Describe Me


I’m sure my hubby could quite easily come up with ten words that describe me without a blink of an eye. I always struggle to describe myself because I always feel like I’m putting myself down or bigging myself up. The 10 words that describe me would be; 1) Small. 2) Attitude. 3) Creative. 4) Shy. 5) Mother. 6) Writer. ... Read More »

23/31: What I’m Looking Forward To


I’m looking forward to a few things really. I’m looking forward to what our future holds and all the exciting unexpected things. I’m mainly looking forward to the day I can bend down properly, see my lady bits, hold my beautiful newborn in my arms and give my back a break by passing her to Daddy! I’m looking forward to ... Read More »

Fisher-Price Love To Play Sis Review & Competition


As part of being a Fisher-Price Mum I have been given the opportunity of reviewing several products over the next 6 months. Our first and starting in May is the Laugh & Learn Love to Play Sis. Now she’s something else! Sis reminds me of something that was said at the Fisher-Price lunch we attended a while ago, that laughter is ... Read More »

“The result was what I’d feared”


We have an outbuilding. It’s a building with electricity and water. It’s quite large. It houses our freezer, our washing machine and the tumble dryer. Lately, it’s also been our dump spot. Everyone has one. Usually it’s a drawer or a cupboard we just throw things into a pretend that it’ll get sorted later or next week, or even next ... Read More »