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Red Nose Day with Weetabix! Our Science Museum Experience


Weetabix have launched a new strawberry flavoured Weetabix for Red Nose Day. I’m sure you’ve seen the little Red Noses plastered over the packaging of the popular Weetabix products as part of their “Pick Your Nose” campaign. For every pack sold there will be a 5p donation made to Comic Relief, plus there’s prizes to be won!! There is a ... Read More »

My Healthy Habit with Juice Plus – Week 3


I’m slightly late with posting my progress this week, it was meant to be done last Thursday. I’ve been trying to find time to take photos of myself but I’ve been so busy. I think I’ll start doing the photos every fortnight. This week I’ve put some effort into this process. I have watched the size portions I’m having and ... Read More »

Potty Training P2


I toilet trained P1 when she was 3 years and 3 months old. It took just two weeks for her to be completely dry during the day, and from the start of toilet training to this date P1 has never wet herself during the night. Touch wood! I was lucky, she was older and able to completely communicate with me. ... Read More »

“She has a tongue-tie”


I’m 99% sure that P3 is teething. She’s suddenly become a dribbling wreck and is quite partial to a bit of finger munching… My fingers and hers. Whilst on a little session of chewing my finger I felt something familiar. A tongue-tie just like mine. Obviously, I’m no doctor but it played on my mind a bit. I’ve lived with ... Read More »

The Dummy-Sucking-Sock-Munching-Lid-Wearing Monster


Somewhere, hiding away in a dark corner of my tiny little house lurks The Dummy-Sucking-Sock-Munching-Lid-Wearing Monster. As a Mum of three I’ve had plenty of experience. There’s three things I’ve found about parenting that are unavoidable. I blame the The Dummy-Sucking-Sock-Munching-Lid-Wearing Monster. It has to be! Right let’s tackle the dummy situation first. The amount of money we must have ... Read More »

My New YouTube Channel – Vlogging


When I started my blog in 2013, I began vlogging. I’d basically read out whatever I had put in a post and it was all a little pathetic. I’ve recently been following and subscribing to a few YouTube channels as I’ve found them and have been really enjoying it all. I’ve started to film a lot of my reviews. Showing ... Read More »

Cusson Mum & Me #voiceofmums – Head to Toe Wash Review


I’ve worked with Cusson Mum & Me recently and was then asked to be involved in the Cusson Mum & Me #voiceofmums campaign. Ok so I didn’t have the privilege to actually be in their pretty awesome video: But I did get the chance to review their Head To Toe Wash!! I dread bathtime. I really do. P1 is a breeze but ... Read More »

I’m a Slumber-Roo Brand Ambassador


In my little blogging world, the new year hasn’t started off to shabby. For the duration of 2015, I will be a Brand Ambassador for Slumber-Roo! This is such an exciting new step for me and for my blog. I’m relatively new to baby wearing. P1 wasn’t. P2 was carried every now and then but P3 does spend a lot ... Read More »

Pink Lining Changing Bag Review & Video


I am not a woman who owns tens of handbags, in fact I only have one and that one is a very smaller bag that happens to be a shade of brown and doesn’t match any of my outfits. It barely fits my purse in. I’ve never really needed to have a handbag, it’s very rare that I’m without my ... Read More »

“My Nan was in my dreams”


Losing my Nan was the worst thing to ever happen to me. I felt an emotion that I’d never felt before and I’m scared to feel it again. I can’t even describe the way it felt. I felt the same thing last night during my dream. It was so real and so terrifying. My Nan was in my dreams, in ... Read More »

“We created our first Friday Movie Night!”


There’s an enormous community that comes with being a blogger. I spend a lot of time reading other blogs via the Bloglovin’ app. I tend to follow parent bloggers because I can really relate to them. It also gives me an insight to how other people live or parent and I’m guilty of comparing. Then Molly at A Mother’s Always ... Read More »

My Healthy Habit with Juice Plus – Week 2


I’ve been really worrying about the weigh in this week. I’ve now been on Juice Plus for two weeks. I’ve also been exercising religiously using the app that I spoke about last week. I’d hoped I’d lost some weight. I feel skinnier. In reality I don’t think I am and the scales confirmed that. Weight: 45.6 kg (6st 13lbs) Hips: ... Read More »

“Dear Peppa Pig, I have a bone to pick with you.”


Dear Peppa Pig, I have a bone to pick with you. I want to know when you will be returning my nearly two year old! It started with an episode here and there on the TV. Then they ventured to the laptop through YouTube. Now, Peppa, you have invaded our day to day life. We cannot escape. P2 is demanding ... Read More »

“I’ve had nearly two years of broken sleep”


I’ve had nearly two years of broken sleep. Mr Google reckons this can have long-term side effects to your body functions. When we first introduced P3 to our nighttime routine, P2 was the reason for the 19months of sleepless nights. Then between the pair of them I was beginning to crumble. Things needed to change and change it did! P2 ... Read More »

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