How I Manage Bath & Bedtime With 3 Children


If you’ve been a long term reader of my blog you’ll know that bath times have always been something I dread. At the moment we don’t actually have a bath, our rented property just has a shower which is perfect for me when I need to get dressed quickly but for a family with three young children, it’s hard. I …

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Our Weekday Morning Routine


My weekdays are busy. There’s always something I need to be doing with one or all three of my girls. I’m lucky that more often than not my Hubby does the actual running kids to school or nursery but I’m the one who prepares. He just gets himself up, washed and dressed. Here’s what a typical school/nursery run morning looks …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – 6/52

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This weekend has been all about our middle girls birthday. It’s really lovely that it’s fallen on a Saturday as we have been able to spend time properly celebrating as a family. Today P2 is continuing her birthday treats with a theatre adventure with her Nannie meaning I’ve had some time to do some art with P1. It was really …

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Letter To My Princess 2 – 3 Years


To my Princess 2, When you woke up this morning you were able to spend your last two hours as a 2 year old with your family opening presents. Three years ago at 9:15am you entered this world. A chunky little bundle with no hair. You are now 3 years old with plenty of hair and plenty of personality. In …

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#DreamBigger With Virgin Holidays


One of my longest dreams is to travel to the Caribbean. I have never been fussy as to where because I’ve loved the idea of sun, sea and sand to surround me. Recently Virgin Holidays got in touch to see if I wanted to recreate my own perfect holiday experience as part of their #DreamBigger campaign where you could win …

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Staying Positive In 2016 With Mini Babybel Light


I was given a task to write about being positive in 2016 right at a time when my life didn’t feel very positive. We’ve all just been ill and not only have we dealt with the physical illness, but there’s been boredom from P2 who hasn’t really caught anything, and now P3 seems to have gotten used to crying continuously. …

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Little Dish Go Gos Review


It’s been nearly 3 weeks since we significantly reduced the amount of milk P2 has during a 24 hour stretch and it’s been going really well. One thing that I have noticed is that she has been super hungry. Literally anything and everything goes which feels like we are being eaten out of house and home. I’ve been looking out …

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A Treat Idea For Nursery School Friends


Haribo sweets are most definitely a popular choice when it comes to getting a little treat for your children’s friends when it’s their birthdays. I used to go with a carrier bag full of sweets, sweets I happened to hate as a child. With it being the first year that P2 has to dish out the treats for her birthday, …

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5 Important Things To Remember For Your Big Day

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The weeks of taking lessons, practicing what you’ve been taught, learning your Highway Code and preparing for the driving theory test is about to hopefully pay off. The next step is to pass your practical driving test to enjoy the freedom and independence driving affords you.  Being prepared both physically and mentally is the key to giving yourself the best …

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We Are All Poorly

2016-01-30 10.54.08

It all started on Wednesday. P3 had a restless night which is a little unusual for her but we headed off to playgroup blaming it on the new bottom tooth that was poking through. She was super clingy which is very unlike her and even the other mummies commented on it. She felt a little hot so I took her …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – 5/52

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Can you believe that tomorrow we are heading into a new month. The second month of the year!! My little family are poorly pretty much all of us. It started with P3 coming up in a rash and a hospital trip, then hubby and me with high temperatures coughs and aching, P1 and P2 with slightly raised temperatures and rosey …

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Storytime Magazine Review


I loved reading as a child, I still love reading now, and I’m a strong believe in having something physical to read rather than a digital copy of something. As a toddler, P1 loved books but as she’s getting bigger and learning to read by herself I have seen that love deteriorate. I think I have been focusing so much …

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Letter To My Princess 3 – 16 Months


To my Princess 3, I bet you’re getting bored of reading all these letters when they start with “I can’t believe you’re X months old now”. Well I can’t. I sometimes wonder whether you and your sisters will just stumble upon these letters or if I’m going to print them all off and keep them in a folder for you. …

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Children Explain ISOFIX With Britax


Becoming a new parent brings you so many responsibilities. One of the most important things is keeping your child safe at all times. I remember finding car seats such a difficult thing to get my head around. So many technical words to understand and the actual fitting of a car seat such a stress. ISOFIX was something that confused the …

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5 Tips For Travelling Abroad With Kids


When travelling anywhere with children it can be so incredibly stressful. But travelling abroad is on a whole different level as it is a completely new and strange environment for all. I’ve come up with my top tips for travelling abroad with children: If your children get travel sick, like mine do especially on coaches etc, then pack sickness tablets …

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Valentines Jam Heart Biscuits


I used to hate Valentine’s Day. I felt it was very commercialised and a date in the diary specifically for people to make money from. Surely if you love someone you should be showing them that each day, not just one day out of 365. But then I joined the blogging world and this year I’m making an effort to …

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Announcing My #BML16 Sponsor


Have you ever been so excited about something that it becomes the forefront of your mind until it happens. That’s how I feel whenever I think about the biggest UK blogging event of the year, #BML16 (previously known as BritMums Live). I’ve been for two years running and this year will be my third. #BML16 is exactly 5 months away. 25th …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – 4/52

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Last Sunday we had woken up to glistening snow and spent the morning playing in the cold. This Sunday we woke up and headed to Essex, my hometown, to visit my Grandad. We went for breakfast at the Roebuck then off to get P1 and P3 some new shoes. Every time I mention my Grandad it’s always about feeling so …

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A Weight Loss Motivation Boost


I am now 3 weeks into my weight loss journey. My main goal wasn’t really to eat healthier but to eat less. Like the saying goes “everything in moderation”. I planned to cut my portions by half and stick to eating 1,000 calories a day. A big thing for me to cut was the biscuits. During the first week I …

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Breaking Her Milk Habit Before Her 3rd Birthday


At around 6 months of age a baby has the ability to sleep a full night of sleep. P1 was 10 months when she began to sleep an amazing 12 hour stretch. P2 is yet to reach that milestone and P3 exactly the same. They both have habits that need breaking.  A preschooler needs 11 hours of sleep plus a …

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“I may have a daughter with autism”


Imagine giving your child a few packets of sweets, a can of cola and just to top it off nicely a bowl of ice cream topped with sprinkles. You watch their eyes widen, their body begin to go at extra fast, their voices louder and they become uncontrollable. That’s what it’s like to live with P1 right now. As soon …

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A Snowy Winter Morning


I woke up today to our little village being covered in a dusting of white. We’d had a few flakes yesterday evening and at 2am when P2 woke asking for her usual milk, which was refused, I saw out of the window the glow of the snow in the dark. I was so excited for morning to come but by …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – 3/52

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There’s gradually been more and more snowy winter photos appear on social media and I was left feeling rather glum as I watched the rain pour and the sky dark. I had no hopes for snow this year at all, seeing as last year we just had a small dusting before it was gone by the afternoon.  This morning we …

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Siblings 2016 – January

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For me the Siblings Project starts another year, our second year and once again I’m a little bit late in getting photos and posting. Our weekends are the only time that my girls get to spend quality time as a threesome. The rest of the week is dotted with P3 spending time on her own, or just P2 and P3 …

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“It sounds silly because shopping is such an ordinary thing”

2016-01-14 08.37.18

Growing up I always spent time with my Grandparents. Just them and me. My Nan and my Grandad. We went to Scotland for holidays to visit my Grandad’s sister, we went to Somerset to visit Grandad’s friend on a farm he owned. I spent pretty much every afternoon after school with them. But now I rarely get quality time with …

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