How to Prevent Brain Drain Over the Summer Holidays


The kids have been working hard all year, and it’s finally time for the summer holidays. But, six weeks out of the classroom is undoubtedly going to have an impact on their organisational skills and ability to learn and remember things. So, while it’s important that children get time to rest and recuperate over the summer, it might be worthwhile …

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Special Spontaneous Visitors

featured special visitors

There’s lots I miss about my home town and living near my family but on the other hand there’s many more things I don’t miss. The one thing that always gives me a heavy heart whenever I think about it, is the ease of seeing my Grandad. When I lived in Essex I was always just five or ten minutes …

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Say Goodbye To Gardening Aches & Pains


I have so many different plans for when we have our own garden. I want the girls to have a little bug hotel, I want a sandpit and I want to have my own little vegetable garden and pretty daffodils. I honestly think that I have the green fingers bug before I’ve even got my own place to put those …

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Big Family Holiday To The Isle Of Wight – Day Four


Everybody had been going on about visiting Blackgang Chine but I wasn’t entirely sure what it was. We’d arranged to go with my MiL on our fourth day and we headed off with me doing zero research beforehand. Which is very unlike me. Now that I’ve been I can tell you that Blackgang Chine is most definitely suited for children of …

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Tips For Packing A Great Lunchbox #HartleysYourLunchbox


P1 extremely fortunate to receive school meals by the school. The menu is phenomenal and definitely exceeds anything I could ever come up with. So the school lunches are a bit alien to me. In fact packing a picnic was always something I forgot to do and I was never known for having snacks in my bag at all. Then …

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My Little Piccolo Review


We are well past our early weaning days. In fact I went down the babyled weaning route with both P2 and P3. However, when Piccolo got in touch and asked me to sample their new range of pouches I couldn’t say no. Not only did the website and packaging appeal to me when I took a little look but I …

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Big Family Holiday To The Isle Of Wight – Day Three


In the morning of our third day the farmer at Kempshill Farm popped by to see if we wanted to watch the cows be fed. Of course the kids were really excited so we headed round the barns. He was really informative about the cows meat and explained how he operates and what types of meat we should actually be …

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Win £50 Worth Of Letts Books

letts featured image

I just can’t believe that we are just a few weeks away from throwing ourselves back into school runs and routines. We’ve had such a jam packed summer holidays that I’ve barely had time to think about all the school bits and bobs we need! Are you read? Finding the time to choose the best books though may not always …

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Autism Diaries #5 – Going To The Supermarket

2016-07-27 12.00.36

Dear Diary, It’s very rare that P1 comes to a supermarket because we tend to do our food shopping during the week when she is at school. Now that it’s the school holidays I am seeing a new wall that P1 has to knock down or hide behind. I watched a short little clip on Facebook about disabilities not always …

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A Visit To Howletts Wild Animal Park


Two weeks ago we celebrated a big birthday for my MiL. Seeing as hubby’s grandparents were down ready for the big family holiday, it was decided that we were all going to go to Howletts Wild Animal Park.  Funny enough it was one of the places of my list of to dos since we’ve moved to Kent. The girls were …

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Big Family Holiday To The Isle Of Wight – Day Two


Despite having a long first day on the Isle Of Wight P2 still woke in the night. I hoped that the black out blind and being at the other end of the barn would help her sleep. It did a little bit on our first night as she only woke at 5 am which was much better than usual. However, …

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Big Family Holiday To The Isle Of Wight – Day One

iow featured image

Last week we spent a full seven days on the Isle of Wight with nearly all of my MiLs side (nearly 20 of us) celebrating my MiLs big birthday. I will be posting several posts about our holiday over the next few days or maybe weeks as we have been getting up to so many things in the past week …

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Managing the Family Finances: How to Succeed

family finances

A recent study from Shelter has shown that one in three families are only a month’s pay away from losing their homes. It’s a worrying result, and is enough to make all of us question whether or not our family’s finances are in good order right now. Here’s some advice for improving your family’s chance of success: Understand your income …

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Mini Banana, Blueberry and Chia Muffin Recipe

blueberry banana chia muffin

I am really struggling to keep my girls occupied this school holidays. They seem to do something for about ten minutes at a time if I am lucky, then they’ll want to do something else. P2 seems really into baking at the moment so I have tried to do as much as I can. I also wanted some really healthy …

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Tips For Taking Children Swimming

2016-08-02 12.00.28

I vaguely remember the days of swimming with just one daughter. I managed to make it a faffing ordeal if I’m completely honest. It would take me forever to get the both of us either into our costumes or out of them and back into our clothes. Skip on a few more years and two more children and I think …

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Autism Diaries #4 – A Play Date


Dear Diary, I’ve noticed that P1 doesn’t really get invited on many play dates and I wonder if that’s because she has started to struggle with forming friendships as she gets older. When she does get invited I worry about her behaviour. Whether she’s going to cope. Will the autistic side of her show through and the parent won’t understand …

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Siblings 2016 – August


I think every body says it every single month but this year is really zooming by. I am still struggling to understand how at the end of next month I will be a year older and we’ll have a two year old too! My siblings photo for this month was a complete spontaneous capture. I took my big camera to …

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Capturing Shared Moments With Cadbury Memory Lane Tool

blog thumb cadbury_project

Since having children, my life seems to be going at a much faster pace than it has ever done before. It is so easy to get caught up with all the many things that go on in our every day life that we don’t appreciate the little things. I was really excited when Channel Mum contacted me to take part …

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We Have A Threenager

threenager featured image

As if having to struggle each day with P3 having awful, early, terrible twos wasn’t bad enough, we have been thrown in the deep end with P2 experiencing some serious threenager moments. She is struggling in herself I think and it’s really painful for me to witness it each day. Some days she is the sweetest. She is kind, caring and …

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LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Mat Review


As the girls have aged we seem to have less toys that make a noise. I can’t say I’ve missed them if I’m honest, all the repetitive songs and phrases. However, we were recently sent the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Mat and you’ve guess it, it’s musical! I have to admit, there was a few arguments at first because …

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Nutella Cupcakes Recipe


I never used to like Nutella, I was always a proper chocolate spread kind of girl. Specifically a nice Cadbury one if I was to be picky. But Hubby stopped buying it and went for the Nutella and now we buy it in the kilo… Literally thanks to the new family sized jar. I really enjoy baking and so does …

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Autism Diaries #3 – A Soft Play Party

2016-07-22 11.15.07

Dear Diary, We went to a softplay party. P1 was invited and we are making more of an effort to get to all of the parties she’s invited to. Even rescheduling sleepovers with their grandparents so that P1 is able to attend. This particular party my MiL was able to take the girls and I there which I am eternally …

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National Sister Day With BABY born® Interactive Sister


On the first Sunday of August, the world celebrates Sisters! A whole day to celebrate the sister in your life. My girls have two each. I have three little girls. In fact I am a big sister too. So I definitely thought it was a great opportunity to share the brand new BABY born Interactive Sister Doll and give my …

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