Clementoni Baby T-Rex Pink Review


I have been invited to be a Clementoni Brand Ambassador which ultimately means we will be getting to try out some fun toys and let you all know what we think of them. We were sent our first package of goodies to try out a few weeks ago and inside there was a toy for each of the girls to play …

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The Cheeky Elf Review


When I was a child Christmas meant a time for Father Christmas to bring presents. On Christmas Eve we would set out the plate for him; a mince pie, some milk and a carrot for Rudolph. We’d then pretend to be asleep for as long as possible before our eyes forced it upon us. I remember waking up before it …

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Georgie The Interactive Puppy Review


If you were to ask P2 what pet she’d love to have, her answer will always be “I want a Chihuahua”. Whenever she looked a photos of different dogs it would always be the little chihuahuas that caught her attention and that’s when she learnt the breed and ultimately has fallen in love. We don’t have a garden at the …

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Siblings 2016 – October


We are well and truly in Autumn now. For some reason I feel that family life is a lot harder during the colder months. It’s so much more planning and prepping just to step outside your house. Do we need wellies? Do we need coats? What kind of coat, a big thick one or a nice thin rain mac? It’s …

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Birthday Shopping With My Grandad & Mum


For Christmas last year my Grandad promised me a shopping trip. It was his way of giving me a present. I ended up going child free and meeting my Grandad and Auntie at the shopping centre. We did lots of shopping and then had lunch on my Grandad’s wallet which obviously is always fantastic. I never know what to ask …

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Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Playset Review


When we recently went to Bella Italia for a Num Noms Event, the girls got to play with the Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Playset and they loved it. I was really pleased when we received one after the event to review. P3 got to play with it first but I loved seeing the reactions of the other two. Num Noms are really …

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Golden Bear Sleep Tight All Night Iggle Piggle Review


It’s no secret that we have one child that really struggles with sleep. P2 will be four years old in February and I think I can probably count the amount of times she’s ever slept through on my fingers and toes. It has come to light that it’s actually just us that she doesn’t sleep for, she’s fine with my …

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Making Cakes & Cake Pops Using The Real Baking Kits


Following on from our previous kids baking it was time to let P2 have a chance to create something delicious. We ended up using the remaining Real Baking sets for our baking session. The sets that we used were the Great Baking set, Cake Pops set and Chocolate Pen. All of these sets come with super easy to read instructions however do not …

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My 24th Birthday At Bewl Water


Since becoming a Mum my birthdays do not feel as significant. Apart from the fact I am getting older, my birthday just feels like a normal day. I wake up with the kids early, I get them breakfast, get them ready for wherever they are going that day. However, this year I invited my Grandad along for my birthday and …

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A 2nd Birthday Cake Smash


Last year, just before P3 turned one, I decided to throw her a cake smash round my Grandad’s house. He has such a pretty garden and it was the perfect and most relaxed place to hold something I had never done before. It was a little bit disastrous and cake had to be manipulated by adults for P3 to show …

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Feber Dareway Review – A Mini Segway For Kids


I am going to open this post by saying that my girls are officially spoilt by my blogging life. When I saw the biggest box ever arrive at our door, I knew exactly what it was, the Feber Dareway. The girls saw exactly what it was from the packaging on the side of the box too. It was hard to …

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Autism Diaries #9 – Homework


Dear Diary, I have huge concerns about P1s education. She doesn’t seem wired academically like I was. I always enjoyed school I think apart from the bullying and being picked on for being small. I did relatively well at learning when I wasn’t talking to my friends. But P1 is falling behind. Key Stage 2 is naturally harder than what …

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Num Noms Wacky Bakers Challenge


The girls are really into the cute, scented characters that are Num Noms and we were recently sent the new Series 2 Freezie Pops Deluxe set to play with. It comes with 5 Nums, 2 Noms, 1 Mystery Tub, a spoon and tray. Plus of course the collectors menu. Num Noms really do smell delicious and the squidgy characters are …

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BABY Born Interactive Wonderland Dragon Review


I can’t believe that my youngest baby is now two years old. The time has flown by. I was really stuck this year trying to figure out what to buy a two year old who has everything she could need from her two bigger sisters. I’ve done a two year olds birthday twice before but yet P3 is always so …

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A Date Night At The Brewery Romford


Hubby and I recently had the pleasure in returning back to The Brewery Romford for some child free time. We visisted in November last year and it was a Sunday so a lot of the shops were closed as it was early in the morning, so I was pretty excited about heading there with some time to actually visit some …

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Letter To My Princess 3 – 2 Years Old


To my Princess 3, These past 2 years have been the most exhausting of my life! I remember getting through my birthday feeling thankful that I didn’t have to share my birthday and wedding anniversary with your birthday too. We’d all joked that it would have been funny and just our luck if I had gone into labour. But I …

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The Soft Play Cafe Sevenoaks


There are many things I hate about Facebook and also, many things I love about it too. A few weeks ago something popped up on my news feed. A friend had shared a group that was about to open it’s doors. The Soft Play Cafe. She had only shared it because the photo that was used happened to feature her …

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3 Mexican Dishes That Will Spice Up Your Life


Think of warm sun, hot chillies, a fantastic holiday destination and Mexico is a country that you’ll conjure up in your imagination. Add a superb a Mayan and Aztec heritage combined with Spanish and other European influences and you’ll soon understand why it’s a top foodie destination. From divine dips to robust stews, Mexican food isn’t only spicy, it’s also …

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Gymboree Sevenoaks 15 Months On


It has been fifteen months since I first went to Gymboree and wrote our review of the venue here. I thought it was about time that I updated everybody on that part of our lives now that P2 and P3 are both much older. Right at the beginning of our Gymboree journey P2 was just over two years old and P3 was …

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Orchard Toys Once Upon A Time Puzzle Review


I have loved Orchard Toys long before I was a parent myself. Becoming an ambassador for them this year has sort of been a bit of a life goal I suppose. I feel quite passionate about them and I know this is beginning to sound like I may need therapy. But it’s all true and thankfully my girls are sharing …

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Making Gingerbread Biscuits Using The Real Baking Cookie Kit


It’s the season for Great British Bake Off and like every season (there’s now 7!) I am completely mesmerised by all the amazing bakes that are coming on our screens. To celebrate GBBO being back, we have been sent a selection of baking kits for kids to enjoy. We are starting our baking off with the Real Baking Cookie Kit. …

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Doing Makeup On My Three Year Old


There’s no hiding from the fact my Hubby is extremely outnumbered. He’s even begun to pick pink or girly things from shops over a more masculine version. Like pink shower gel instead of a green or blue for example. I love that I have daughters. I have visions of shopping, spa days and afternoon teas when they are older. I …

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Lalaloopsy Babies Potty Surprise Doll Review


When it comes to girls toys, specifically dolls, I have seen many different versions and we actually have a huge toy box just for dolls. However, we received the new Lalaloopsy Babies Potty Surprise Doll and it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before. In the box there is the Lalaloopsy Baby called Jewel Sparkles, a potty, a bowl with spoon …

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