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Our Royal Ride With SmarTrike for Prince George’s First Birthday


Today has been amazing, busy but pretty awesome. P1 woke up in a fantastically good mood which reflected in her behaviour. We had a lazy morning as P1 had an appointment with the dietician. It went really well! I’ve been concerned about her eating for a long time but according to the dietician we are already doing anything she would ... Read More »

“It always feels like we’re rewarding naughty behaviour”


P1 woke up today and she’s clearly decided that she’d push all buttons possible by doing all things she knows she shouldn’t and being rude when I’ve asked her to stop. Jumping on the sofa for one. It’s not because I don’t want her to have fun, it’s because she could fall off and she’s teaching her sister who isn’t ... Read More »

Thunder and Lightning Storm July 2014


I’ve been craving a holiday for a while. Not any holiday, a get-on-the-plane sunny beach holiday but I needn’t be upset really. The weather in England has been so beautiful already this summer but I haven’t been able to enjoy it. Pregnancy has certainly got the better of me in this heat. Not only have I outgrown anything that was ... Read More »

Real Mums All-Bran 5-Day Challenge


Do you ever get a funny feeling in your tummy or about your tummy? Well I know I certainly do which is most likely linked to my pregnancy! I was challenged by Kellogg’s and the wonderful people at BritMums to take the All-Bran 5-Day Challenge. Did you know that 90 to 95 per cent of the ‘happy’ hormone serotonin is ... Read More »

Pregnancy Diaries – 28 Weeks #3


After a short spout of bad weather, the good weather is back and my golly isn’t it?! It’s been an average of 26c the past few days and it doesn’t look to be cooling down. This heat is dreadful and I can see why everyone moans about summer babies. Both my girls were born in winter months meaning I was ... Read More »

6 Tips for Surviving The Summer Holidays


**Please note that this post is very much focused on the stay at home parent, however, I’d love to hear some tips from all you working parents as I know that the holidays are a stressful time when trying to find alternative childcare arrangements** In a blink of an eye the school year will be over, our first school year, ... Read More »

First School Report


My school reports were always rather pleading for my family. I’d always have a comment in there about me being too chatty but generally my learning and progress was satisfying. During P1s four years at nursery, her reports were always such a pleasure to read and really reflected her bubbly personality. On Friday she came home with her first school ... Read More »

Loom Band Craze – are loom bands dangerous ?


I’ve managed to steer clear of this Loom Band craze at the moment. I first heard about them over on Instagram from some fellow bloggers but P1 hadn’t spoke about them so I figured it hadn’t reach her school yet. Then only a week later nearly every child I saw walking to school were wearing brightly coloured bracelets. They hit ... Read More »

Pregnancy Diaries – 27 Weeks #3


I was looking through my Facebook pictures today and comparing P2s bump to this one. I think I was bigger/rounder with P2 than P3. What do you think?? I’m not quite controlling my hip and back pain anymore. In fact I’m really struggling some days. It’s like a pain where you really need to click a bone but it just ... Read More »

Sibling Differences


It was inevitable that my daughters would be very different. Right from the beginning of my parenting journey when P1 was born prematurely, she set the motions for the future, for the right now. She’s so different to her younger sister and as P2 grows the differences stand out like a sore thumb. A bit like the lack of hair ... Read More »

Royce Lingerie Spring Blossom Nursing Bra Review


As a woman you will be familiar with a brassiere, also known as a boulder holder, aka a bra! From that very first bra you buy that’s just a little bit of cotton fabric to give you some dignity at P.E changes during puberty, to ones that push your fully grown boobs up into your chin. The majority of us ... Read More »

To My Princess 2 – 1 Year 5 Months


To my Princess 2, You’re 17 months old today. So very close to 18 months which seems to be another milestone that people count. This month you’re personality has blossomed. It’s grown and shaped in new ways. It probably helps that you’ve become a lot more communicative with us so we can really understand your needs and wants. The word ... Read More »

Pregnancy Diaries – 26 Weeks #3


Please don’t look for too long at the weight gain. I can’t! I’ve put on 3kg since becoming pregnant and that just seems like loads, however, I did do a bit of googling about healthy weight gain in pregnancy and it’s put my mind at rest. For a woman with a normal BMI they are expected to put on between ... Read More »

Letter To My Nan – 10 Months


Hi Nan, I can’t believe that it’s been 10 months since I last saw your face and heard your voice. It feels like just yesterday that you were tucked up in bed complaining that you really needed to get up as it was gone 9am. I miss you so much. I sorted your sewing box out the other week. It ... Read More »

Goals & Resolutions 2014 Half Way Update


It suddenly dawned on me that I haven’t done my half way through the year Goals & Resolution round up. Looking at them I can see why I may have put it off. I’m doing pretty rubbish at crossing these off this year despite them being pretty easy ones to achieve. Ooops! Deep breath in! 1) Wean P2 off the ... Read More »

Tommee Tippee – Best Of British Limited Edition Bottle Review


My hubby is known for researching and researching and researching before he makes any decisions. Whether it’s checking out the internet for a better deal on a tumble dryer he’s seen or learning how something works. When we found out we were pregnant with P2 I’d already decided alone that we’d be using Tommee Tippee bottles, but when hubby also ... Read More »

“P1s first school Sports Day”


Today was P1s first school Sports Day. As soon as I received the email notifying of the date/location/time that parents could come along, I experienced butterflies for her. If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know about P1s hypermobility and the way it mainly makes a difference to her physical abilities. Hubby and I had agreed that we wouldn’t be ... Read More »