Carylon Bay Beach Visit


It’s been a long time since I went to the beach. It used to be quite easy to get to our local one back in Essex and there was plenty to do like arcades and even a little theme park. It was a relatively nice place to visit but I never actually did very often. I’ve seen so many beautiful …

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Do Our Parents Influence Our Career Choices?


Perhaps it’s not something you’ve thought about before, but did you know that your career choices have probably been – at least in some way – influenced by your parents? Whether you’ve had happy-go-lucky parents who wanted nothing more than for you to feel satisfied, or go-getter parents who measured your success by your income and job title, there are …

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The Works Stationary & Craft Haul


So I don’t normally do posts like these on my blog and I don’t really know why because I really enjoy reading other people’s haul posts and being completely nosey. So when The Works got in contact I just couldn’t refuse. I have recently found myself to have a real love for stationary so naturally it was a perfect fit.  The Works …

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A Family Day Out At The Eden Project


When we first checked the weather forecast for our little trip to Cornwall, it didn’t look great, but actually it’s been pretty beautiful. It wasn’t exactly warm but it was stunningly sunny which makes a lot of difference. So of course you can’t go to Cornwall without visiting the Eden Project or at least that’s what I’ve been told as …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – #17/52


Once again a bit of a different My Sunday Photo as I am away from home. We are currently enjoying a lovely weekend at Waterloo Farm Holidays in Cornwall in the most scenic place I have ever been in. In fact I am currently sitting at the dining table with the patio doors open wide feeling the warm sun on …

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Yumbox Review & Giveaway


I want to officially declare that my 3 year old is rather strange. She gets so excited when it comes to lunch boxes so I was naturally very pleased to accept a Classic Yumbox V2 in Framboise Pink colour for me her to review. I mean look at this face… So the Yumbox is all about making lunches fun yet …

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ALDI Specialbuys New Baby Range


Over a year ago now we reviewed some nappies from ALDI and were so incredibly impressed by them. In fact they were the best nappy for absorbency we’ve ever used but unfortunately, at the time our local ALDI was a pretty long way away and it just didn’t work out cost effective to shop there. Especially just for nappies. But since …

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A Tea Party With #DisneyToddlerDolls


Did you know that tea has it’s own special day? Yup, National Tea Day is today. It’s a day where us British can celebrate our national drink, all the different flavours that help so many to get through their every day. Tea seems to solve everything and is a great tool for social meet ups in the parenting world alone let …

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4 Ways To Look After Your Families Health This Year


Once you have a family, you no longer have just your own health to worry about, you now have to consider the wellbeing of everyone – including young children, who rely primarily on you to keep them in good shape. So, with that in mind, here are four ways to look after your families health this year: Quit smoking Are …

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Do We Need More Teachers In Early Years Education?


Education is vital for the mental and social growth of children and a focus on structured learning from a young age can instil students with good habits that will help them make the most of their time in education. But should academic good habits be established before children reach their first years of schooling? The Early Years Foundation Stage – …

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Twinkl Educational Publishing Review


My eldest is struggling academically. I never thought she would. When she was at nursery she was flourishing but going to school changed her. Her writing is falling well behind what it should be and so when Twinkl got in touch I was really excited about having some interesting new resources to hand to help my 7 year old bloom again. …

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A Visit To Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park


It has already been two weeks since we had a two night sleepover with my Grandad. Time is just flying past and I’ve actually had all the photos ready in the post since the day after we visited Marsh Farm. Marsh Farm holds so many memories for me. School trips and visits with my Grandparents, my Mum and my friends. …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – #16/52

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This weekend has been a bit of a wash out. It’s the first weekend that we’ve had a fully fixed and working car since the beginning of March. We had plans to go for the evening swim we’d agreed to do every two weeks but only ever managed to do it once because of the car. Saturday morning we’d agreed …

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PAW Patrol Magazine Review


It’s been a while since we heard that well known tune of PAW Patrol. When we received the brand new PAW Patrol Magazine I rushed to our new Netflix subscription to see if they had some episodes. Thankfully they did and we were able to refresh our memories of the very lovable gang of pups. The PAW Patrol Magazine is …

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LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Review


I frequently feel sorry for our youngest daughter. She has to grow up wearing hand me downs and owning preloved toys. In actual fact she doesn’t really own any of her own toys. I stupidly forget that her development is at a completely different stage to her bigger sisters. One thing she really thrives doing is playing with her sisters …

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Siblings 2016 – April


This month has seen the girls settle down much better with each other. Of course they still have their horrible bitch fights where they literally attack each other (P1 and P2) with poor P3 copying more and more. I think this is going to be our futures as girls can be pretty mean to each other when they fall out. …

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Currys HOTPOINT RSG964JW SMART+ Washing Machine Review


Our washing pile resembles a mountain. It’s always standing tall no matter what day of the week or whether you’ve just put three washes on in one day. I complain about it all the time, promising myself that I’ll keep up with it and make sure I do one load a day but in never works out that way. When …

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Parragon Book Buddies – March 2016


I am well aware we are practically half way through April now, but back in March we were sent our latest Parragon Book Buddies parcel and inside was some absolutely beautiful Disney Princesses colouring books. I have always been into art especially things like drawing and colouring so being sent the Frozen and Disney Princesses Art Therapy Colouring Book has …

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Wedding Themes: Hollywood Glam

2013-09-29 13.15.09

Hollywood glam is a timeless theme, exuding glamour, elegance and above all fun – perfect for a wedding. If you’ve been considering adopting this theme, then here’s some inspiration to consider: Choose your era There’s a very big difference between Hollywood Glam of the 1920s and now, which is why most who opt for the theme go for Art Deco/Great …

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Feeling The Strain


We are all judgemental towards others for any number of reasons. Whether your wearing too much or too little makeup, whether your child has snot coming out their nose, why she’s shouting in the middle of a shop at her toddler. Trust me it’s never ending and we are all guilty whether you like it or not. I think one …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – #15/52

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I nearly forgot about My Sunday Photo. This weekend has been very laid back and it’s been so nice. P1 and P2 have been in Essex with my Mum for their monthly sleepover and so we’ve been left with just one little lady to look after. I always find it so much easier and calmer with just the one. Going …

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3 Step Butterfly Craft For Kids #BostikBlogger


I actually love being part of the #BostikBlogger team. It’s a way to get everyone’s imaginations going each month focusing on a theme. This month’s theme is Mini Beasts/Garden and the colours of all the craft bits in our box are so bright. We’ve come up with a very cute 3 step butterfly for a very spring inspired craft. You …

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A Sleepover At My Grandad’s


Just over a week ago hubby had planned a trip to see his Nan who had just had an operation. It meant that I was going to be home for a couple of days (one night) on my own with the three girls. Part of me was excited and part of me dreaded it. So hubby suggested that I go …

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Messy Moo Sevenoaks – A New Look


Our local Messy Moo Sevenoaks has been on a little break as they revamp the group and make it loads better for the kids and we have taken a break from any paid for activities too. But we are going back. After the Easter holidays Messy Moo is back in Sevenoaks with a whole new look. There is going to …

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