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Nuna REBL Car Seat Review

featured nuna rebl

It can get a little confusing when you have a baby. All the different products, technologies and safety requirements that come from the responsibility of having a baby. I remember when P1 was born and I wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital without the nurses checking that she’d been safely fitted into her car seat. Things have changed slightly since ...

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My Sunday Photo – 02/08/2015

featured 2 augus 2015

So we have survived the first week of the summer holidays. It’s been a tough one if I’m completely honest but we are there at the end about to head into the second week. We’d planned not to do much other than the appointments we had scheduled and some Gymboree sessions in the first week. The girls have to adjust ...

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What’s In My Changing Bag With JJ Cole Parker Changing Bag


I have had more changing bags in the past 6 and a half years than I have ever had in handbags. There’s something seriously wrong with that situation. My most recent one is the JJ Cole Parker Changing Bag from TOMY in Citrus Breeze pattern. Being a mum of three means that I have three little people to pack for ...

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“My hair is falling out”


I didn’t necessarily decide to have long hair. It just grew and I’m awful for attending hairdressers. I’ve been once a year sometimes less since having children. But I didn’t think I’d ever be sitting in the position I currently am. My hair is falling out. I expected hair loss after pregnancy. It happened with P2 leaving me with an ...

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Persil Cook With The Kids

featured cook with the kids

P1 wants to be a chef. She loves cooking, baking and everything in between. I hate cooking with children. Baking I can just about manage but cooking a meal is normally a no go situation. I hate the mess it creates when children are involved and it’s made even worse when they never listen to instructions. But I braved it when ...

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Letter To My Princess 3 – 10 Months

featured 10 months

To my Princess 3, You are no longer a tiny baby watching the world go by. You’re firmly in that world, exploring and getting involved in absolutely everything. You are gaining a beautiful personality. It’s so different yet so alike to your big sisters. There’s a cheeky streak about you and I can see you’re going to cause chaos. But ...

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Raisin & Fudge Cupcakes With Flora

featured flora

I am not a natural in the kitchen. When it comes to cooking up a delicious meal for our family, it will nearly always go completely wrong. Something I have found that I’m quite good at is baking. Since becoming a stay at home mum I have done a lot of baking but I do prefer to do it alone ...

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#GettingCoolForSchool With George Asda


We are now in the summer holidays. Six weeks of lay ins for us, no rushing around getting ready for school and a whole new routine made. The start of September is fast approaching where my biggest baby will become a Year 2 pupil and enter the last year of Key Stage 1 or Infants School although she attends a ...

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OThe Best Ways To Make Room For A New Baby

featured infographic

We have a small house so any helpful tips are always welcome for us when it comes to making the most of our space. Alligator Storage has created a beautiful infographic full of useful tips to make room for a new baby. Provided by Alligator Storage

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Crafty DIY For All The Family

featured crafty

Let’s face it, DIY jobs around the house aren’t actually that fun! In fact, they are more of a chore that you leave on a list of things that need doing for as long as you possibly can.    With the kids off school for summer these jobs are just going to get put off for even longer! Firstly you ...

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Getting Your Feet Ready For Summer & A Competition

featured scholl

Although it seems like the warm weather is a distant memory now, it’s always nice to treat your feet to some TLC and I was recently sent some lovely foot care goodies from Scholl and from justmylook to kick start the summery feeling. I actually frequently spend many evenings removing dead skin from Hubby’s feet for him manually with a ...

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My Sunday Photo – 26/07/2015

featured 26 july 2015

I went through Primary School with a very small group of close friends. Twins and another girl. Although I was friendly with everyone there was the usual divide of the popular kids, the normal kids and the ones that had no friends at all. I was probably, I hope, in the middle neither popular or unpopular. When it came to ...

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British Red Cross Has First Aid #RappedUp


As a parent there are so many roles that you have to play. Peace maker, chef, maid, friend, teacher plus so so many more but the absolutely most important one is that you have to play nurse. I have played that role plenty of times with my three daughters. P1 is accident prone, she was born early and her problems ...

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#PampersPooface – Cotton Wool VS Pampers Sensitive Wipes


As a parent we can pretty much guarantee when our children are about to or doing a poo just by looking at their facial expression. Pampers have recently released a hilarious video that celebrates that pooface and it is so super cute! It’s funny because I really do remember P1 and P2 having a pooface, they still do now, but ...

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A Thank You Teacher Gift & Goodbye To Year 1


I’ve never been one buys teachers gifts. I didn’t even get the nursery that P1 went to for three years a gift to say thank you. That’s how awful I am. I always mean to but then forget. This year, I opted out of the class collection as we wanted to get something for P1s teacher ourselves. I felt a ...

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“Finally we have a preschool placement”

featured preschool

I have been desperate to get P2 into a nursery or preschool. She’s been on four different lists. It feels like such a long time since we put P2s name on the first nursery and preschool waiting list. This week we have finally been offered a nursery place for our beautiful 2 year old. Finally we have a preschool placement! ...

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Boba 4G Baby Carrier Review – Slumber-Roo Brand Ambassador

featured boba 4g

During 2015 I am a Slumber-Roo Brand Ambassador. We have already helped to give our feedback on one baby carrier and now I’m going to introduce you to the next one. The Boba 4G. I stopped baby wearing when the weather was absolutely sweltering but now it’s cooled down a lot I’ve been using the Boba 4G more frequently. The ...

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“We’ve slipped back into a horrible routine”

2015-07-17 12.49.55

I had hoped to be writing a post about how well P2 was doing with giving up milk. We decided about two weeks ago that we needed to cut it out completely to start with. Like an addiction. It’s how we helped her to lose her dummies that she was so addicted to last year and that “cold turkey” approached ...

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5 Tips For Looking After Your Hearing

2015-07-19 23.28.25

In the UK there are an estimated 10 million people who suffer from some form of hearing loss and the figures are expected to rise. Looking after yourself from a young age will ensure that you reduce the chances of suffering from this potentially debilitating problem. Eating a healthy diet An article in the Daily Mail online says that researchers ...

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My Sunday Photo – 19/07/2015

my sunday

We have been spending loads of time lately doing things as a family. I think as they all start getting older things are becoming much easier when we go out. Yesterday, we headed to Eynsford Water Ford where we went when we had the heatwave but we didn’t get to take P1. Hubby had ordered, from the request of P2, ...

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5 Gift Ideas for Children

featured gift ideas

Buying gifts for children may seem like an easy task at first but once you come face to face with hundreds of different options on the shelves, it can be difficult to know what the best choice is for the lucky recipient. To make life – and your shopping trip – less time consuming, we have listed the top five ...

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